13 The Starting Line 2

    My parents and Birdie leave the room I look at Cora who hasn't left my lap she has her eyes closed and just leaning into me.

    I say " sorry about that Cora "

    She says " it's fine next time just make sure lock the door next time"

    I say " oh so you do want me all to yourself " remembering what her friend said.

    She just says " shut up " and hits my chest I pretend to be hurt and say " Ouch! Don't hit me so hard "

    And she says " whatever you deserve it "

    Then she said " so do you plan to do anything to use the talent you have in music "

    And I thought about it than I said " I'll make a YouTube channel so I can at least get my name out there because I am completely unknown at the moment ,actually I'll do that right now " I pull her closer and I roll back towards my computer and I login to it. I click on the browser and I type in YouTube then I sign up As 'Xander Rose'

    Cora turns to me and says "really Xander Rose?"

    I just shrug my shoulders " it's a stage name sounds better than Alexander Rose "

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    She says " you've really been thinking about this haven't you?"

    I smile and say " yeah it's the main thing that I want to do make music I really hope I have your support I couldn't do this without you "

    She just snuggles into me and says "Always"

    Then I said " good "

    Then Cora says " I'll make you an insta and a tweeter and if you'll let me can I manage your insta for you and take pictures of you and post them on there. You'll have to use Tweeter on your own though and you can use both of them along with YouTube to help spread your name faster as well"

    I answer " of course that would be a big help , you're really amazing you know that " I lean in and give her a kiss.


    3rd person POV

    Anna looks at Michael and says " Did you see them they are finally together!"

    Michael says "yes I saw I'm just happy they are happy"

    Anna says " Michael you don't understand I've been waiting for this to happen for years now ever since they started middle school  it was so obvious you don't understand how many times I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration!"

    Michael just sighs because of how Anna is acting and Birdie just looks like she trying to hold herself back from laughing at her mom.

    After all Birdie is just happy her brother is happy even though she doesn't understand why and any way Cora is the only one who can take her brother according to Birdie.

    Then they heard a door open from upstairs and Alex and Cora come downstairs

    Alex says "well you guys already saw us but I'd still like to officially tell you me and Cora are together" and he smiles while holding Cora's hand.

    Anna says to herself "freaking finally" Alex Cora and Michael start laughing then Anna realizes that she said that out loud and starts laughing with them.

    Alex then said " hey mom which music store did you buy my guitar from "

    Anna says " I bought it at the new music store that opened a year ago"

    Cora says " oh the one called RMC(Real Music Center) "

    Anna says " yeah that's the place why do you ask Alex?"

    Alex says" I just wanted to know were it was so I can go by and check if they are hiring and  if they are I'll apply"

    Anna looks shocked but Michael looks like he understands.

    Anna quickly says "why would you need a job we can support you just fine don't worry about getting a job"

    Alex says " mom I'm going to need a job to do what I want to do because there is stuff I need and it's expensive if I want to do it right. Also I'm a senior and next year I'll be an adult so I want to be able to support my self and not rely on you for money."

    Anna looks like she wants to cry she's thinking 'her baby boy is growing up why does he have to grow up so fast they just got him back damn it!' Michael caught on to something his son said he looks at Alex

    Michael says "what do you mean what is it you want to do?"

    Alex sighs and motions for them to sit on the couch when they all sit he turns towards his parents.

    He says "I want to pursue music and if other opportunities present themselves along the way I'll take them and try my best at whatever I do but music will be the main thing I want to pursue"

    Anna yells "What! And what about college aren't you going to do that education is important!"

    Michael says "okay I understand but if your going to do this I want you to give everything you got because if you don't you won't succeed the entertainment business is very hard place to do that."

    Alex nods his head towards his father and says "of course"

    Anna looks shocked and she says " what do you mean Michael how can you agree he needs to go to college and get his degree"

    Alex looks at his mom and smiles softly he holds her hand and says " mom I understand you want what's best for me and I'm not saying I won't go to college I'll get my degree someday that's a promise to you but I want to do this and I want your blessing I would feel bad if you didn't support me and I still went through with it so please?" Anna looks at her son pleading face and she gives in.

    Anna sighs and says "fine I support you" and she hugs her son.

    Cora and Birdie high five in the background they knew she would give in.

    (In the drive way)

    Alexander POV

    I sigh while walking towards Cora's car and she looks at me and laughs.

    I say " I thought it would be a lot harder than that "

    She said "your mom could never say no to you I knew she would give in"

    I laughed and said " yeah I guess so now let's get going I want to get the application as fast as possible" we both get in her car and she drives towards RMC.
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