14 Getting a job

    (On the way to RMC)

    On the way to there in the corner of my eye I see something flashing like a notification.

    'I thought I said wait until I'm by myself'

    [well I figured since she's your girlfriend I'd just notify you ... but alright next time anyway look]

    [secret mission - take first step to reaching your dream +5 Sp (skill points)]

    'Well I guess it's fine thanks'


    [Alexander Rose - 17 ]


    Exp: (0/75)

    [ Attributes ]

    Strength: 4

    Agility: 5

    Stamina: 3


    Charm: 7

    Ap: 4

    [ Skills ]

    Guitar: 54

    Singing: 48

    Exercising: 50

    Cooking: 32

    Sp: 12

    'Add 6 to singing and 6 to guitar'





    Then I hear Cora say " so what are you going to buy with the money if you get this job"

    I say " well I'm going to need a camera and really good microphone also some tools and wood"

    Cora says" ok I get the first two but why the last part?"

    I say " I want to build a small recording booth in my room big enough for me to sit with my guitar I'm also going to need to sound proof it. And there's a empty corner of my room by my computer I'll put it there but I might need my dads help building it though"

    Cora seems amazed and says jokingly " what you already have songs to record "

    I say " yeah I have few ideas just haven't written them down yet "

    She says " wait really I can't wait to hear your songs!"

    Then I said " I can't either , but I'll post a few covers on the channel first before I post my own songs so I can get a following before I do" (a/n: Right his "own" songs)

    (At RMC)

    Cora parks the car we get out and walk towards the store when we get inside the store has anything you would need inside. From harmonicas to guitars so many instruments and not just instruments either they also have things like microphones all the way to loop stations.

    I say " I love this place "

    Someone from behind me says with max level sarcasm " well thanks I'm so glad it's up to your standards "

    But it doesn't really bother me so I turn and see a white man probably close to or in his 50's long black curly hair looks like he's 6ft tall and he is most likely the owner.

    I say "hello I'm Alexander I was just wondering if this was your store"

    He says " I'm Danny Mays yeah this place is mine why do you want to know?"

    I say " I was just wondering if this place was hiring?"

    Danny says "depends why do you wanna work here"

    I think about it then I said " I just really love music and I'd rather have a job that has something to do with it "

    He grins and puts out his hand for a handshake " your hired "

    Cora jaw dropped to the floor and I subconsciously shake his hand then I come back to reality and say " you serious"

    He says " yeah I like you kid I was just testing you from the start I wanted to see if you were some arrogant prick like many guys your age. but You passed so I'm willing to hire you."

    I just smile and say " thanks man this means a lot "

    Danny said " no problem by the way do you play something you just got this vibe and I just feel like you do"

    I say " yeah I play acoustic and electric guitar I would say I'm above average at the moment"

    Danny says " great you start tomorrow you'll be teaching beginners who want to learn how to play guitar and when your not doing that you'll help around the store. By the way you can just call me Dan I'll see you tomorrow and I'll give you your shirt when you get here."

    He just walks away after that and I'm still stunned because of how fast everything happened I think 'I won't let him down.'

    Cora says " well at least you have a job now"

    I said " yeah I'm really lucky "

    Cora says " lucky it took me months to get a job"

    I look at her and say "Cora you were probably just really shy in your interviews were do you work any way?"

    She mock glares at me and says " stupid jerk ... I work at a clothing store by the way"

    I said " that's good maybe you can give me a discount now come on we got to get home by dinner" she just smiles and we walked to her car.

    (Alexander's house)

    I open the door and I see my dad and Birdie playing connect 4 and my mom in the kitchen finishing with dinner.

    I yell "we're home!"

    My mom says "Alex set up the table"

    I look at Cora " can you help me?"

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    She shakes her head and says " I'm tired I'll go watch them play connect 4"

    I sigh and say "your so lazy"

    She shrugs her shoulder and said " I wasn't the one she told to set the table" and she sticks out her tongue at me and walks away.

    I can only shake my head and do what my mom asked of me after I'm done I go sit with Cora until my mom says " come and eat!"

    We all run to sit down at the table to eat my mom made menudo which is a traditional Mexican soup cow's stomach in broth with a red chili pepper base, hominy, lime, onions and oregano are used to season the broth.

    I say " mom your cooking is still super amazing I love it"

    Seeing her son enjoying her food she smiles and says " I'm glad you still love my cooking "

    Michael says " yeah always reminds me of my moms cooking don't tell her but I think yours is just a little better"

    I say " thanks for the blackmail material pops"  half jokingly.

    We all laugh together in my head I'm thinking 'I love my family so much'

    I say " guys I have something to tell you"

    My parents look at me waiting for me to continue

    I say " starting tomorrow I'm going to be working at RMC"

    My mom says "I thought you were just applying how you get the job already"

    I say "apparently the owner Danny liked me and he offered me the job after he tested me as a person"

    My dad looks shocked for some reason he says " did you just say Danny?!"

    I look at him and say " yeah Danny Mays ,why?"

    He says " Alex you have to get me his autograph he played bass guitar for a band I listened to growing up and they were really popular!"

    I say " wow really he just seemed like a normal person I mean he does look like he would be in a band alright dad I'll try now calm down"

    He laughed and looked embarrassed at the way he acted.

    (1 hour later)

    I say "by Cora I'll see you at school tomorrow"

    She hugs me and gives me a kiss

    And says "yeah, love you"

    I say "love you to"

    And I close the door and sigh happily 'I can finally call her my girlfriend'

    My family sees me and are just happy that I'm back and that I'm happy.
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