15 Decisions

    (Next day the morning)

    "why didn't you just wake him up on your own"

    "That's so normal plus I'm sure he won't mind seeing you when he wakes up"


    "Okay I'm going to splash him wit-"

    I was woken up when they started talking but they didn't notice so I get up fast and yell


    *glass breaking*


    You can hear two people scream and Michael fist pumps 'finally someone gets her back' he thinks.

    (Back In Alex's room)

    I'm laughing so hard at how scared they got that I have tears in my eyes from laughing to hard.

    While trying to catch my breath I say "t-that's what you g-get hahaha!"

    Anna glares at me she says"whatever!" And she just walks out of my room.

    I say "you could at least clean up the glass and water"

    I look at Cora who hasn't said anything since screaming she is blushing while looking at me I followed where she was looking and see my chest I'm not wearing a shirt I grin mischievously

    I said "you like what you see?"

    She subconsciously nods her head then her eyes widen probably realizing she said yes and she blushed even brighter and walked out of my room while saying

    "get dressed!"

    I sigh then say to myself "I didn't even make that mess"

    I got up cleaned the water and glass and got ready for school.

    (School parking lot)

    I get out of Cora's car put on my backpack then I walk towards the school with Cora next to me I grab her hand and intertwined my fingers with hers and hold her hand.

    She says While we walk past the school gates "so do you plan on joining a club or doing sports?"

    I think about it then I say "I might play soccer or baseball haven't decided but I'm taking beginning band so that has to count as something right?"

    She looks at me while we sit down at a bench to wait for class to begin.

    She says "you used to play both before why not do it again?"

    I answered "I might not have time for both this time and I don't know if the guys would want me on either team I'd be taking someone's spot that has been there working hard"

    She just shakes her head and says "they didn't forget about you at all you know, they left your spot on both teams open for you the whole time and the senior that played the same position as you your freshman year on the varsity soccer team is the head coach now and the baseball team still has the same coach."

    I look shocked "why is James the head coach I Thought he was going to play professionally in England he told me he got scouted by ManUtd!

    She sighed and said "well he never got to play, before his first season on the team he had a career ending injury in a practice match"

    I look at her and say "your joking right?"

    She shakes her head no

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    I say "damn well how did he end up the coach here"

    She said "he was made the head coach when the previous guy left to be an assistant coach in the MLS"

    I said "why did he become one?"

    She says "when he was hired he was interviewed by the San Francisco chronicle it was front page news, obviously it's a big deal here he nearly went professional overseas in a big league at that anyway in that interview he said that he would make it back to professional football but as a manager and he wanted to get experience here of how it feels to manage a team at some level and then hopefully get his shot somewhere some day he said even though he's only 21 he gained a lot of experience while in England when it comes to football knowledge and that he would bring what he learned here and make this team a great team instead of just good"

    I smiled and thought 'freaking James always wants to do the nearly impossible'

    I said "sounds like something he would do he's freaking stubborn as hell and I guess I'll at least play football(soccer) for sure got to help him someway he helped me so much and he helped me feel like I belonged on the team even though I was the quiet guy on the team at the time"

    She smiles "that's good you were always great at football you probably would have started as a freshman if it wasn't for James"

    I smile "yeah I didn't mind I learned a lot from him"

    She nods her head then she says "so what instrument are you going to learn in beginning band?"

    I say "well I was thinking piano I asked the teacher yesterday he said usually that isn't an option at least with him but he said he would make an exception since I told him about my love for music"

    She laughed and shook her head while saying "you know how to sweet talk your way into getting what you want first the job and now this"

    I look at her and say "and you" and I kiss her then the bell rings and I take a blushing Cora towards our first class of the day...math.

    (Time skip after school At RMC)

    I get off of Cora's car and say "thanks for the ride beautiful"

    She smiles and says "no problem babe see you tomorrow"

    I begin to walk away and then Cora yells "Hey!"

    I turn around and she's telling me to come here with her finger and when I'm next to the driver side window she pulls me by the shirt and kisses me then she says "bye" and winks.

    When she leaves I say to myself "damn she's hot" then I say "Alex: 1 Cora: 1" and I walk inside for my first day of work.

    When I walk in side the first thing I hear is slow clapping and I look and see Dan he says "your a lucky man"

    I smile say "I know"

    Then he throws me a red long sleeved polo shirt with a small bass guitar that is Horizontal on the right side on the chest area with RMC in cursive above it the logo of the store.

    I say "nice uniform"

    Dan said "yeah and here's your name tag it goes on the left side, now get to work your first student will be here soon in that back room over there make sure your prepared it's your first time working right?"

    I said "yes"

    Dan said "okay well just be calm and don't give the customers attitude I'm trusting you don't let me down kid and good luck"

    He walks away toward his office and I go and grab an acoustic guitar and head to the room where I'll be teaching and working can't be that hard right? Oh how wrong I was.
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