16 It’s Time

    (1 month later)

    September 20, 2013


    [Alexander Rose - 17]


    Exp: (0/75)

    [ Attributes ]

    Strength: 5

    Agility: 5

    Stamina: 4


    Charm: 7

    Ap: 4

    [ Skills ]

    Guitar: 64

    Singing: 62

    Exercising: 55

    Cooking: 47

    Piano: 29

    Driving: 44

    Teaching: 32

    Sp: 0

    My status is the first thing I check when I wake up then I think '1 month really makes a difference and one month of work on top of school and me and dad finally finished the mini studio...I'm so tired' I walk to my closet and get clothes and head to the bathroom to do my morning routine then go downstairs for breakfast.

    As I sit at the table my dad says "so you get your first check today?"

    I smile and say "yeah Dan told me I was making $10.25 an hour gave me an extra quarter on my wage because he wanted to help me even just a little because he could"

    He says "he's a good man make sure you pay him back with your hard work, don't let him down"

    I nod and say "I know I won't let him down"

    My mom looks proud of me even though she was reluctant about letting me work she's happy for me now.

    Mom says "so do you work today?"

    I said "no Dan gave me the day off I still have to go by and pick up my check after school though then I'll put it in my bank account and then go back and spend it in his store again"

    My dad says "it's almost like your working for free"

    I say "yeah well I need to buy a microphone and a camera"

    My mom hears me then she just gets up and goes to her room.

    I look at my dad and he just shrugged his shoulders.

    Birdie is just busy eating and there's some food around her mouth so I grab a paper towel and reach over and clean her face and she's looking down blushing from embarrassment because she didn't know.

    I say "there all clean" and laugh a little

    She puffs her cheeks and glares at me but all I can think is 'cute.'

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    Then my mom comes back with a box and she walks up to me and says "here you can have this I haven't opened it and I remember the person at the store saying it's amazing for recording videos so I want you to have it"

    I look at the camera and it's a Canon 70D my eyes widen and I try to give it back but she pushes it back and says "no you will keep it i wouldn't have really used it anyway" and she glares at me until I reluctantly nod my head

    I sigh then I say "Fine but this camera is expensive I don't feel right taking it"

    She just stares at me and I quickly say "ok ok I'll keep it, thank you my mom I love you"

    She smiles and says "good I love you to"

    I get a text from Cora saying she's outside so I excused myself and went upstairs and put the camera on my bed I grab my keys, wallet and my backpack and head out.


    I get into Cora's car and give her a kiss and say "good morning babe"

    She says "good morning you ok?"

    I said "yeah why do you ask?"

    She says "well you look kind of upset"

    I say "my mom gave me a really expensive camera"

    She said "well she's your mom she'll always try to be help you if she can don't be mad"

    I sigh "yeah your right thanks"

    She smiles then says "of course I am and no problem now let's go to school"

    (Time skip after school)

    I look at Cora while she's driving and say "thanks for driving me around this past month I just finished the drivers ed class that they offer at school so you won't have to for long I just have to go to the dmv and take my written test then do the driving school and pass the driving test at the DMV"

    She says "I don't mind it gives us more time with each other and where here so hurry up and go buy the stuff you need"

    I go into RMC and I talk to Nick one of my coworkers about the mic that I put on hold and he brings out the Avantone CV-12 and everything that comes with it.

    Nick says"$500 Alex"

    I sigh and say "damn that's a lot" I swipe my card then put in my pin and it takes $500 from my $1025.

    Then I say "thanks nick I'll see you later"

    I walk out of the store and get into the car and we head over to my house.

    (Alexander's house)

    I open the door and say "I'm home"

    I hear tiny footsteps upstairs running downstairs then I see that it's Birdie running to me she's now in front of me so I scoop her up and spin around with her and she giggles and I kiss her forehead.

    Birdie says "can I see you sing today?"

    I say "yes I'm making a video so you will hear me sing today"

    She yells "yay!"

    I laugh and I went up stairs with Birdie in my arms and Cora walking behind me. When we get into my room Cora looks at my studio and is impressed it's in the corner me and my dad who is an architect added two more walls to make a square and it is 6ft 10in High and the top is closed and all four wall have sound proofing foam and has LEDs around the top and they can change to any color and a oakwood framed glass door that you can see inside the studio and my walls are gray my rooms ceiling is 9ft high.

    Cora says "wow you guys really went all out"

    I say "yeah there wasn't even going to be a door but I found this in the shed and I just had to have it makes it look cool at least to me."

    She says "well I agree with you on this I like how it looks to"

    I say "thanks now go play with Cora okay birdie I have to set stuff up"

    Birdie "okay"

    I grab both my guitars and put them in my studio on their stands and I put a stool in there and then I set up my new microphone and made sure my recording software was working correctly I'm using Reaper it's free and it works well.

    I turn around and see Cora already making sure the camera is set up I look at my bed and Birdie is curled up like a kitten sleeping I look at the clock on my desk and 2 and a half hours passed.

    I say "thanks for helping me out Cora"

    She says "I already told you I would always support you remember"

    I walk up to her and pull her close "your amazing" and I give her a nice long kiss when we separated we were gasping for air.

    I say "wow"

    She says "y-yes wow"

    I let go and walk up to birdie I shake her little shoulders and say "hey I'm going to sing wake up little bird"

    She gets up rubs her eyes and stretches her arms out I think 'c-cute'

    Birdie jumps out of bed and says "yay! hurry up Alex"

    I say "I'm going already, Cora when I say go just hit the space bar"

    Cora nods "got it"

    I open the door and head into the studio I put on the headphones I take a deep breath and I say "go" Cora presses the space bar and I know it's recording I can hear the instrumental in my headphones then I start singing the Led lights are white and I'm looking at the camera while singing into the mic

    "And the shadow of the day

    Will embrace the world in grey.

    And the sun will set

    For you..."

    I finished the song and I set the headphones down and smile at the camera and walk out of the studio. When I walk out I see my parents there along with Cora and Birdie they looked shocked and while I stop the recording and make sure everything is good my family is coming back to reality and the girls look super excited and my dad looks proud.

    Cora says "you got a lot better since you last sang to me"

    Birdie nods while saying "yup"

    My mom was like a fan girl when it comes to LP she runs up to me and grabs my hands and jumps up and down and says "your super good you can definitely make it with the talent you have ooohhh I can't wait maybe you'll even get to meet the band than you ca-"

    I cut her off "okay mom calm down it's just one song I'm still going to record another one"

    She says "good hurry up"

    I laughed and said "just like birdie"

    I turn around and walk back into the studio I say "same thing as before Cora"

    She waits by the computer and says "whenever your ready"

    I grab my guitar and I record a second song that I'll post after this one.


    I'm currently sitting at my computer finishing the editing for my videos and I'm about to finish when someone sits in my lap and It's Cora.

    She says "you ready to be a star"

    I say "I think your exaggerating it's just one video"

    She looks you in the eye "and you were great in it ...ok let's make a bet if it does not become a popular video I'll listen to one thing you ask of me but if it does it's the other way around" I smirk when I here this and she blushes like a tomato and slaps my shoulder and says "not that!" I laugh so hard that I'm crying and I say "I know I was just teasing you" she just crossed her arms and looks away.

    I say "alright we have a deal I'm posting it now" I click on the post button and I feel good about it.
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