17 Unexpected

    (November 1, 2013)

    All I can say about the past ten days in three words is awesome, insane, unexpected.

    (Flashback 9 days ago day after I posted my first video)

    Sunlight from the window shines on my face and I wake up then quickly cover my face with my blanket.

    "Stupid sun why can't you rise at like 9 in the morning it's Saturday"

    [because it's been that way long before you were born]


    I grab my phone and unlock and it's starts going off with notifications then it just freezes I scratch my head wondering why and I restart my phone then I hear the system.

    [you may want to take a look at your completed missions]

    'Okay show me'

    [secret mission - post your first video get 5000 views - 50exp - 5sp] that explains things

    "What! How I barely posted it"

    [people probably just liked the cover and recommended it to someone else to watch also 5000 isn't that much compared to other videos on YouTube also you posted on the weekend people have more time on their hands]

    'Still a lot for a first video'

    My phone turns on then I quickly go to YouTube and turn of notifications then I think about it then go to tweeter and insta to turn off the notifications there as well I'm surprised I have almost a thousand followers on both and I laugh a little when I see I'm already following one person on both which is Cora. When I look at my Insta AlexanderRose I see the first post and smile I guess Cora got the picture from my mom it's when they saw us kissing I was sitting on my computer chair and Cora was sitting across my lap with her feet hanging off the side of the chair and I have my arms around her and her hands are against my chest and we're kissing.

    While I was looking at the picture my door is slammed open and I see my mom with one of my baseball bats looking like she just woke up.

    She says "who hurt my baby!"

    I look surprised then I said "Mom calm down I just yelled because I saw how many views my video got" I say while opening the YouTube app and showing her my phone she relaxed and put down the bat and breathed out a sigh of relief said "oh, let me see" she walked up to my bed and looks at the screen up close then she pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheek then says "congratulations on the 19 thousand views" my eyes widen because I didn't look I just pulled it up without looking I thought I had 5 thousand.

    I just say "thanks mom"

    She stands up and says "well now that I'm up I'll go make breakfast and tell your dad the news"

    I say "okay I'll be downstairs when it's ready" then she walks out taking the bat with her.

    'I thought you said 5 thousand'

    [no all I said was you got 5 thousand]

    'Add the 5sp to singing'


    Singing: 67

    Then I think 'damn Cora's probably winning our bet'  and I get out of bed and got ready for the day.


    When I'm at the table birdie looks at me and said "mommy said you got nine ten t-thou sand v...vi...views that's-" her face has a thinking expression on it while counting on her little fingers and I can't take it anymore so I just scooped her up and put her in my lap and kissed her forehead and hugged her close and said "your to cute Birdie!" My mom laughed and my dad smiles and Birdie looks like she's embarrassed.

    (Next day)

    It's the morning and I'm woken up by knocking on my door I groan "whyyy" and I get up and open my door and it's Cora she quickly pushes me aside and closes my door then she turns around and walks to my computer.

    "Hey what's going on why are you here?"

    She just pulls up tweeter and points at the screen when I look I nearly lost it but I took a deep breath and said "this can't be real" she just scrolled up and showed me that it was indeed the bands official tweeter and they tweeted about me.

    I read it out loud "hey guys just wanted to ask you to check this kid out. After so many of you tweeted us about it we watched his cover of our song and we loved it! @AlexanderRose"

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    There was also a link to my video and they are following me I don't know what to Say I just sit on my bed after it hits me I yell "Oh Shit!"

    My mom yells from downstairs "Language!"

    I yell back "Sorry!"

    Cora sounding smug says "I'm pretty sure that means I win"

    I shake my head in denial "check the video first"

    She clicked on the other tab she had opened then says "look"

    And I do and my video has 224 thousand views and probably more by the minute I sigh in defeat and she smiles because she knows she won.

    I say "so?"

    She says "what"

    I said "what do you want me to do?"

    She says "I'll tell you when I want to"

    I said "ok"

    Then I look at my YouTube account I have 34k subscribers then at my Tweeter has 19k followers and then I open Insta on my phone and it has 25k followers I smile even though it was unexpected it wasn't unwelcome I quickly typed back a thank you tweet to them and I follow them back.

    (Back to present)

    'Still can't believe my video has reached 400k to bad it slowed down after that day and I have 48k subscribers but now I'm on my way to the first day of training camp for the soccer team it's time to focus'

    on the way there I ran into Jason and gave him a bro hug I said "I expected you to be a huge star by now you okay Cora told me about it"

    He said "yeah I'm fine it took me awhile to get over the fact I wouldn't be playing anymore now I have something else to focus on"

    I said "yeah a manager for a pro team, right?"

    He smiled and said "yeah have to be close to the game somehow and after I found out what happened to you I felt bad for not being here are you okay now though"

    I say "I'm fine I'm here to play aren't I"

    Jason looks at me surprised he said" are you sure?" "Yes"

    He said "great well I believe in you so I'm making you the captain of this team I already know how good you are we just have to knock some rust off"

    I said "I'll do my best coach now let's get going I haven't touched a soccer ball since are last game freshman year"

    While we were walking to the field I thought 'add 2ap to stamina'


    Stamina: 6
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