19 Her Man

    (Next morning Tuesday)


    [Alexander Rose - 17]




    Strength: 5

    Agility: 6

    Stamina: 7

    Intelligence: 10

    Charm: 7

    Ap: 2


    Football(soccer): 68 (professionals in this sport are usually between 70-100 it does go based off of position because every position has different skill sets)(A/N: Jason was at 79 as a midfielder that could play on any side of the field defense or offense when he was signed imagine that at the high school level Jared is at 69.5 as a goalkeeper)

    Singing: 68

    Guitar: 67

    Exercising: 65

    Editing: 52

    Driving: 48

    Cooking: 42

    Teaching: 40

    Piano: 36

    Sp: 0

    'I just realized that my charm hasn't changed at all, why?'

    [everyones looks are set the day your born so obviously your at 7 you can add to that with the system though]

    'So it's the same with skills? Because some of my skills started with points already'

    [kind of you will start with points in a skill if you already have the potential to be good at it so like you started at 40 with editing after you saw how to do it or you'll start at 0. your high intelligence also helped with that skill specifically it made it easier to learn](A/N: if you are curious when he first kicked the soccer ball on the first day it was added to his skills at 65)

    'That's good to know, so can you add 1ap to charm'

    [okay small warning you will feel pain]



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    Charm: 8

    I'm confused because the system said there would be pain 'I don't fe-' then it hit him he could feel some of his muscles moving and tearing then repair themselves and skin moving slightly it wasn't just his face that changed slightly but his whole body. Before you could tell he was building muscle but his muscles became slightly more compact. he didn't become stronger he still has the same strength he just looked better like he would have looked if he did the workouts needed to have a swimmers body. Then his skin looked slightly healthier and smoother than before that point pushed his looks to the next level.

    (10 minutes later)

    I woke up feeling kind of sore then I remember what happened I quickly got up and went to the bathroom I was the only one awake so I had to be quiet. I closed the door and stood in front of the mirror and was surprised my muscles had started to get bulky not badly but you could tell it was starting to if you looked closely but now he has the beginnings of a swimmers body and his skin looked healthier and he looked a little taller probably 6ft 1in now.

    'You weren't kidding about the pain I didn't even get to scream before I passed out thanks for the warning'

    [your welcome]

    I then took a shower, brushed my hair and brushed my teeth then I went back to my room with a towel wrapped around my waist. I changed into black joggers, black Air Force 1 Hi-tops, a white long sleeved nike shirt with a black nike swoosh across the chest, and my black watch that I just bought. I grabbed my bag, keys, my IPhone, and my wallet I put the last two things in my pockets and my keys in my backpack then I went downstairs.


    I cooked a normal breakfast for my family pancakes, eggs, and bacon but I made Birdie and myself chocolate chip pancakes. When she bit into her pancake her eyes widen and she looks at me and I put my finger up to my lips to tell her to be quiet and she nodded and happily ate her breakfast. Then I got up and told them I'd see them later and went out where Cora was waiting for me.

    When I got to her car she was staring at me and I got in she said "he looks really hot today" she realized she said out loud she blushed but didn't look away.

    I smiled and said "thanks babe you look beautiful today as always" and gave her a quick kiss and then she drove to school.

    (After school At The girls football practice)

    Cora POV

    While we were doing tackle drills everyone was lined up waiting for their turn, the girls took this time to talk to each other.

    "Did you see him today he looked Really Hot!"

    "Yeah is he single I wonder if he'll give me his number?"

    Cora who was behind them was trying to keep calm she didn't want problems with the team but she was thinking 'no obviously he's not single he's my man, you bitches see me with him everyday'

    "I don't think he's single he's always with Cora and they look like they are together"

    She thinks 'thank you!'

    "Whatever once he sees me he'll forget about her they don't even look good together she wears such basic clothes he needs someone like me by his side"

    I open and close my hands and I'm about to swing but I feel a hand on my shoulder it's Sara and she shakes her head no and pulls me to the side.

    She says "hey calm down okay forget about them they're just jealous because you have the hottest guy in the school as your boyfriend"

    I glared at her and she said "what I can't look I mean can you blame me you know he's Hot and he's been looking better recently"

    I sigh and say "Fine I just can't stand how they talk about him like he's a piece of meat or a trophy he's a great guy they don't even know Him and if she even tries to hit on him I'll slap the ** out of her"

    She raised her arms in surrender but then she said "alright but it's time for practice we need to focus it's our last year and we have to give it our best and the offers from colleges or a professional team will come, right?" I nod my head and we get back in line waiting for our turn.

    (After practice)

    Alexander POV

    I'm just sitting on the hood of Cora's car waiting for her to come out of the girls locker room. I hear someone coming I look up and see Cora and my jaw dropped she was wearing what she wore to the party they threw for me but this time the dress is yellow and damn does she look good. Her teammates look surprised as well probably because she never wore something like that at school before. She walked up to me pulled me down by the shirt and gave me a long kiss she was blushing and then she quickly got in her car and so did I. Sara waved us goodbye with a smile because her plan worked.

    (In the car)

    I said "you look amazing"

    She released a heavy sigh "thanks but that was so much attention it was so embarrassing"

    I looked at her confused and said "why did you do that then?"

    She looks like she didn't want to say


    "Fine It's because a couple of the girls on the team were saying I didn't look good enough for you and that they wanted you but ... your my boyfriend... so when Sara saw that I had this outfit in my duffel bag she told me her plan so they know that your my man and I agreed but never again it was embarrassing when the saw us kiss"

    "Well you shouldn't worry about them I only have eyes for you and you look amazing no matter what, don't let them get to you" I said with complete seriousness.

    "I love you"

    "I love you too"

    I say "so since your already dressed do we start our date now?"

    She smiled brightly and said "definitely!"
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