20 First date

    (Currently 6:30pm)

    I look at Cora while she's driving, windows down wind blowing her hair back and I can't help but feel incredibly lucky that she's in my life, because she's the best part of my life and it would feel cold and empty without her. While looking at her I smile and think 'I'm definitely marrying her one day.'

    she sees me smiling at her and she can't help but smile back and she says "why are you looking at me like that?" I just shake my head and say "I'll tell you one day" she just whines like she's 6 years old again because I wouldn't tell her and I just laughed at her childish behavior.

    I then got an idea for the end of our date and I said "Cora can you stop at my house real quick I need to get something"

    She nods her head and says "ok but what do you need to get?"

    I move so she can't see my right pocket and said "I forgot my wallet and I'm definitely paying for everything tonight"

    She said "but-

    I cut her off "Cora just let me do this, ok?"

    She sighs and says "fine"

    We arrived in front of my house I turned to her I said "give me your keys real quick I need to get my bag from the trunk I might as well drop it off while I'm here"

    She gives me the keys and I get my backpack but I leave it open and I give her the keys back and I start walking inside she says "you forgot to close it"

    I say "I'll close it when I get back don't worry about it"

    She yells as I'm at the door "ok!"


    I go up to my room and my family sees me and are curious why I ran upstairs. I come back downstairs with one of my guitar cases my mom said "where are you going? And what's that for?"

    I smiled and said "I'm taking Cora on our first date, and this was just an idea I had for the end of our date"

    My dad nodded in approval and my moms eyes lit up In excitement. Then I felt someone pulling on my hand and I looked down and it was Birdie she looked upset.

    She said "your going to sing for her no fair!" and she puffed her little cheeks.

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    I kneeled down to her level and I pulled her into a hug and her anger was instantly forgotten. In the background you can hear my mom squealing and saying things like 'that's Sooo Cute!' and 'why couldn't YOU do that for Me Michael!'

    I said "hey I sing for you all the time you always run into my room when you hear me so can you let me sing for Cora today?"

    She said "Fine! But... you have to sing me to sleep when you come back!" And she says runs back to her toys I say goodbye to my parents and I leave.


    I'm walking slowly so Cora won't notice me I see that she's distracted with her phone so I quickly put the case in the trunk and close it.

    I get in the front seat and I see her watching my music video.

    I laughed and said "you must be the one responsible for all my views"

    She said "your welcome"

    I said "alright let's go to Mary's for dinner we haven't been there since before That happened" she agreed and she drives to the restaurant.

    (Mary's restaurant)

    We sit down at a table and everyone that's in the small restaurant keep looking in our direction the women at me and the men at Cora and I glared at those guys and they quickly looked away. Cora laughs at me and says "stop being so overprotective" I then look at her amused and said "says the one who nearly fought someone over me" she blushed and looked away laughing nervously.

    A waitress came over to take our order and she just keep all her attention on me I said "I'll have spaghetti and meatballs and a sprite for my drink"

    She keeps looking at me like she wants to eat me. Then Cora clears her throat loudly and we both look at her and she's glaring holes through the women's head and says "I'll have the chicken Alfredo pasta and a sprite for my drink as well" the girl quickly nods her head and runs to the back.

    I laughed loudly and said "told you"

    She just huffed and crosses her arms

    Then she said "I haven't checked since last week but how's your channel doing"

    I smile and say "It blew up again in the past week I'm at 73k subscribers now, hows my Insta doing?"

    She excitedly says "it's at 120k followers and I just posted a picture of you from this morning and it already has almost 70 thousand likes"

    My eyes grew wide and I said "that's crazy 120k just to see pictures of me?"

    She looks at me and said "do you not know how attractive you are?

    I shook my head and she said "well why don't you look around I might have to beat these grown woman off of you" while she looks around at the woman in the restaurant glaring at them. I look around and I realize most of the woman here are staring at me I can only sigh and I say "hey let's just focus on us okay" while reaching across and holding her hand she quickly looks at me and nods her head and we spend the next hour talking and eating.

    (Currently 9PM)

    Me and Cora are currently parked at a beach in the moonlight laying down on the hood of her car and looking up at the stars because the skies are clear for once and we can actually see them. She's laying her head on my chest with one of her arms across my torso hugging me and I have my right arm wrapped around her pulling her close and my left arm behind my head.

    We were both just enjoying each other's presence and warmth until I broke the silence and said "hey Cora?"

    She just said "hmm"

    "I've got a surprise for you so close your eyes okay"

    She said "okay" and closes her eyes and I get up and she says "hurry up I'm cold without you!" I smiled and grabbed the keys out of the ignition and I opened the trunk and got my Gibson out of its case.

    I stood in front of the car where Cora was now sitting up on the hood of the car with her eyes  still closed

    I said "you can look"

    She opens her eyes and smiles because she sees me with my guitar and she knows what I'm going to do.

    She says "so what will you sing for me?"

    I say "it will be the first song I release and its for you" she starts tearing up and I say "hey don't cry, at least not yet" I laugh and she smiles with tears in her eyes

    She says "shut up I'm just happy okay, now hurry up I want to hear it"

    I start to play it and half way through she started crying even more.

    (A/N: Best part - H.E.R. Ft. Daniel Caesar)

    "You know that I see it

    I know your a star

    Where you go I follow

    No matter how far

    If life was a movie

    Oh, you're the best part, oh"

    I didn't like seeing her cry but I knew it wasn't because she was sad so I didn't let it bother me. I finished the playing the song and she quickly got off the car and ran to me I quickly moved the guitar behind my back and held her in my arms and she had her arms around my neck and pulled me into the most passionate kiss we've had.

    She pulled back and looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and said "I'll love you always"

    I said "me too, no matter what"

    She asks "so what's it called?"

    I answered "it's called Best Part you know because your the best part of my life"

    She just hugged me even tighter and put her head against my chest.
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