22 The Second One

    (Friday December 6, 2013)

    I asked "hey dad can I drive the truck to school?"

    He said "sure I don't have to go to work today they're giving me a break since I've been there constantly supervising things nonstop for the past month so I can make sure nothing goes wrong"

    I said "your working on the new stadium for the 49ers right? And why didn't you just take a day off?"

    He says "yes the architecture firm I'm working for right now has been working on it for a couple years so we have been super busy and I wanted to keep working so I asked them to let me and they agreed also I get more more money to support my family and i love my job it's a win-win"

    I said "yeah I remember when you came home and talked about it and it was only an idea on paper at the time and I saw it recently and now it's almost finished that's crazy and also thank you dad I really appreciate you and mom working hard."

    He said "yeah it will be done before the next season starts and think nothing of it because if it's for my family I would do anything"

    I say "that's good dad I hope I'm half the man you are when I'm your age, I'll see you after school and thank you" I grab the keys and head to school.

    Michael says to himself "you already are Alex, and I'm so proud of the man your becoming" He smiles and drinks his coffee.

    (At school)

    I park the truck next to Cora's car, which I'm still jealous about. I get out of the truck and Cora gets out of her car I jump on the back left tire and grab my backpack from the back and jump back down.

    She grabs my hand and says "ready for another day at school"

    I sigh and say "no, it's boring"

    We walk towards the campus she says "that's only because your really smart"

    I say "doesn't make it any less boring"

    We walk towards our first class of the day and when we walk in everyone turns their head in our direction more specifically me.

    "It really is the same guy from that music video going around the school"

    "Yeah he is"

    I sigh I didn't expect this today, I guess someone from this school found my channel and it spread quickly it did take awhile for them to find it though. I just pull Cora towards our seats in our group of 4 in the back of the room away from the door we sit down with Austin and Sara the other members of our group.

    Austin says "someones pretty popular"

    I say "yeah well this is what i signed up for, I just have to get used to it"

    Sara says "yeah your especially popular with the girls"

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    I look at Cora staring down the other girls in the room

    I say "well to bad because someone already has my heart and it will always be that way" I put my arm around Cora and she leans into me and completely forgets about them. The teacher Mrs.James walks in and says "I know why you all are staring at him but I would appreciate if you would pay attention to the class, unless you want detention" I mouth the words 'thank you' to her and she just nods and carries on with the lesson.

    (At lunch)

    Cora and I are walking towards a table outside by a tree which we have claimed as our table and we sit down and a few minutes later Sara, Austin and his brother Raymond all sit down on the other side.

    Cora says "I've been meaning to ask but how have you've been working with your busy schedule"

    I say "well I have to say Dan might be the greatest boss to ever exist the day before training camp I told him I would be to busy with sports to work, but Dan just asked me for the schedule and how long the training camp would be and he just made a schedule for me to come in on rest days, weekends with no games, and I work between 8-10 hour days on Saturday and Sunday unless there's a game."

    Austin says "he must really like you bro"

    Raymond says "yeah my boss didn't like me when I was working and when I told him about  the team he said it's one or the other so I quit."

    Sara says "since your still working you can afford to take us all out to eat sometime, right?"

    Cora yells "Sara stop trying to use him for free food"

    Sara tried to look as innocent as possible and says "sorry, I'm just kidding"

    When Cora looks at me I see Sara mouthing the words 'not kidding' I want to laugh but I just hold it in.

    Cora says "Dan probably just really believes in you." I just nod in agreement and turn so I have a leg on either side of the bench and I pull her against my chest and she leans into me and puts her legs up onto the bench.

    (At home 6:30PM)

    I take off my work shirt and I grab a navy blue long sleeve shirt and put it on along with black slim jeans Cora picked for me and the Original black and white Vans. I hear a knock on the door I open it and it's Cora and Birdie

    Cora says "you ready?"

    I say "yeah"

    Birdie says "Sing Already"

    I smile and say "okay I'm going"

    Cora says "wait!" She pulls out her phone "lean back against the wall of your studio with your hands in your pockets, yes just like that" she takes a picture "got it! And posted Now let's go" I laugh a little and walk to the both and I nod to Cora she stands by the computer. I grab the GLP since I was going to play the guitar for the song the rest of it is like the original She pressed the space bar and I start the song

    (Wicked Game - Chris Isaak)

    "No, I want to fall in love

    With you


    With you

    No, I...

    Nobody loves no one."

    I look at the camera I smile and say "thanks for watching make sure to hit the like button and subscribe. And if you could please share this video it would mean a lot" I stop the recording and leave the studio Birdie claps as loudly as she can

    Cora says "good job I really like the way you sang the song"

    I say "thanks and can you post a 15 second clip of the song on my Insta and I'll post one on tweeter and then I'll post the video tomorrow morning"

    She says "sure just send it to me"

    I say "okay I just have to finish editing the video"

    I sit at my computer and Birdie runs up to me and hops in my lap and watches me edit the video. I see her moving her head side to side and humming to the song every time I play through the video to make sure it looks good.

    I say "hey, Birdie go get my first guitar so I can teach you again"

    She hops of my lap and yells "Really!" I nod and she runs in the studio yelling "yay!" I smile because she's happy.

    Cora says "your really good with kids and especially with Birdie"

    I say "yeah I love kids, and I want my own some day" while looking at Birdie walking back slowly trying not to drop it. So I didn't see Cora blushing bright red sitting on the bed behind me. Birdie hands me the guitar and hops in my lap and I put the guitar in her lap and begin to teach her for the next hour Cora watching with a smile but also paying attention to what I'm teaching.
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