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    (Saturday December 7, 2013)

    Alexander POV

    I *yawn* as I get up I check the clock it's 6:30 in the morning. I think 'Okay, I have some time before I have to get to the school to ride the bus to the game. Oh! I have to post the video hopefully those clips hype it up.'

    I quickly got up and sat on my chair and rolled over to my computer and checked my channel and I saw I was at 95k subscribers so I guess my plan is working so now I have to get ready for the game.

    (2 hours later)

    After I took a shower and got dressed then I just strummed my guitar the rest of the time. When I saw it was almost time to leave I posted the video and I went downstairs wearing my away uniform and wearing my vans at the moment. My cleats, shin guards and water bottle are in my team duffel bag which is a blue nike bag with a white swoosh on both of the long sides of the bag, a number 10 on one short side and the team logo on the other.

    I say "alright I'm ready"

    Mom says "good let's go i have to drop you off then go pick up Cora and we'll see you at the game"

    I say "yeah to bad dad isn't here to see us win, but I understand he has to work"

    She hugs me and says "if he could go to every game he would, you know that"

    I say "yeah I know me and dad talked yesterday I know how much he cares about us, so let's go can't be later" I walk out the door with Birdie then my mom following behind me.

    (30 minute bus ride)

    I get off the bus then I get my bag from under the bus Jared, Austin and Raymond follow me since they're my closest friends on the team we talk while we put on our cleats. After I'm done I lead the team in stretches then we shoot against Jared and Andrew all in 30 minutes. Then coach Jason talks to us and he told us their keeper had no experience and to just keep attacking him and we went out and played Sequoia.

    (After the game)

    We won 4-1 I scored a hat-trick (3 goals) and one assist to Austin off of a corner kick. After a quick talk with coach Jason he told us to be on the bus in 10 minutes. I walked to my bag and started taking off my cleats and shin guards I hear footsteps stop behind me I turn my body so I can face them.

    Birdie runs and hugs me she says "you were so cool!"

    Then she backs away saying "you stink" we all laughed

    then Mom says "you were good before but you've gotten even better since you started practicing with Jason"

    Cora says "yeah it's crazy right, what kind of things does Jason have you guys do in practice"

    I answered while putting on my vans "he started us off with things they did in his short time with the youth academy for Man Utd then he very slowly started making things more difficult, every time practice went smoothly he would add something in the next one or just make a drill harder."

    Cora says "wow, your so lucky"

    I say " yeah, say that after one of his practices. He hasn't changed anything in awhile because about 15 of the guys on the team still make mistakes in the drills we do now. They are getting better every time though I'm not looking forward to when he does make practice harder than it already is."

    Mom says "well you are only as strong as your weakest link and I think he's doing a great job with the team and the way he's doing things, the strategy he had you guys use today was great he must have really studied the other team"

    I say "I know I got my talent in sports from you mom but I've been thinking why didn't you keep playing after you had me?"

    She smiles and says "your my baby boy and you needed me and I had already reached my dream I had even played a couple games for the U.S. women's national team, so I decided I didn't want to miss out on you growing up" she has never told me in detail about her career just that she played before I see how amazing my mom is she gave that up for her family so I got up and gave her a big hug.

    I said "I'm sorry you had to give it up for me, but I'm also very great full to have an amazing mother like you thank you" I feel my shoulder getting a little wet from tears I rub her back for a minute I look and see Cora tearing up but she wipes them away my mom backs up wiping her tears.

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    She says "thank you for that and you don't need to thank me I'll always be here for you"

    I pick up my bag and say "I know mom, ok well I got to get to the bus I'll see you at school" I walk to the bus and I sit in the very first seat by the door I high five or fist bump all of my teammates tell them good job even the people on the bench.

    I was looking for someone as everyone passed by, I saw him and I said "hey Chris sit next to me" Chris was the youngest and only freshman on the team he also played the same position as me. He sat down he looked confused I said "I'm sorry you didn't get to play, I'll try to ask coach to give you some playtime"

    He quickly said "nonono it's ok I get it he wants the best chance to win and you and Jared are the best players and we play the same position so you don't need to go that far for me" I think 'this is just like me and Jason, okay it's decided I'll help him out just like Jason did for me'

    I said "don't worry about it were teammates, so when we have practice can you stay after with me coach and Jared so you and I can practice even more?"

    He says "why would you do this for me?"

    I said "because you remind me of my self and someone helped me like I want to help you so I just want pass on what he did for me"

    He thinks about it and says "okay I'll stay after practice, thank you Alexander" Jason who was sitting in the seat across from ours and heard us was smiling remembering those days.

    (At home 1PM)

    Cora is laying down on my bed asleep hugging Birdie next to her who is also asleep it only took them like 10 minutes to fall asleep. I pull out my phone and take a quick picture and I put it as my lock screen photo I smile at two of the most important people in life.

    I turn around on my chair and go to YouTube to check my videos progress I'm surprised I already have 240k views and rising I checked comments.

    [number1RoseFan: he's so amazing, somebody sign him!]

    [IwentToMedSchool: Agreed^]

    [theGuyJake: I don't know, he's alright I'll wait until his own music comes out to judge]

    Of course not everyone will agree

    [MusicExpert09: he's probably only capable of doing covers not his own songs. He's just another singer with good looks.]

    [number1RoseFan: And you probably just sit around all day criticizing people to make yourself feel better about yourself "music expert"]

    I want to laugh but I remember they're asleep, I kept reading comments and responded to some a majority of them were good some not but whatever not everyone likes the same thing.
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