24 Can You Teach Me?

    I wake up the next morning do my morning routine and get dressed in my work shirt, khaki pants and all black vans. When I'm done I check the clock it's 8AM so I have some time for breakfast I head downstairs and eat.

    While we're eating my mom says "so what are you getting Birdie for her birthday?" She asked because Birdie is still in bed.

    I just smile and say "I already have an idea but you'll just have to wait just like Birdie" she grabs me and shakes me she says "tell me!"

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    I get up and say "nope" I grab the keys to the BMW and walk out the door my mom still complaining like a child.

    When Alex walks out of the house Anna grumbled things like 'disrespectful kids' and 'just wanted to know' she saw Michael covering his mouth holding in a laugh then he just lets it out and laughs at her behavior

    She yells "it's not funny Michael!"

    He walks up to her and he wraps his arms around her and says "yes it is, but I'm glad after everything we've been through you still  haven't changed from that emotional and somewhat childish, funny and beautiful Woman I fell in love with, and I'll always love you" she leans into her husband

    She says "aww I love you to, Wait I'm not Childish!" She yells at the end while smacking Michael on the arm he just laughed Anna joined in and just hugged Michael enjoying how great their life is because their family is finally whole again.

    Birdie runs downstairs saying "did Alex leave?"

    Anna let go of Michael and went towards birdie then said "yes he went to work but he did make you pancakes right before he left"

    Birdies face looked sad in the beginning but then she smiled and ran to the kitchen yelling "pancakes!" because she knows he puts chocolate chips in them for her.

    (At RMC)

    Alex is currently finishing one of his lessons before his lunch break

    "No Mason just put your index finger here and your middle finger on that one and your ring finger there now play it-" mason plays the chord I showed him correctly this time "good job now just move your ring finger down to the string below yes like that easy right, now all you have to do is practice until our next and final lesson it should be easy there's only 2 chords you have to play for this song. just listen to it and you should get the timing down for the song it's not slow but it's not fast either."

    Mason says "thanks your a really good teacher Alexander I remember when I came in a month ago I didn't know anything about playing guitar but I have Learned a lot with you, Thank you"

    I say "no problem you've been a great student which made things easier"

    I see Dan pass by the room so I say "I'll see you later mason, make sure to practice and use your notes I had you write it should make It easier" I walk in the direction I saw Dan walking to Which was where the bass guitar section was I walked over and saw Dan looking at them deep in thought

    "hey boss"

    Dan said "just call me Dan"

    "Got it Boss" he stares at me "Dan" he nods and goes back to looking at them.

    He says "so?"

    "Oh! I was wondering if you could teach me?"

    He looks at me "teach you?"

    "Yeah to play bass properly and just share any of your experience in the industry with me that you can an-" Dan interrupted me by handing me a Thunderbird Bass in a Ebony finish I was confused and grabbed it and I looked at him he was smiling at me

    He said "I've been waiting for you to ask I've seen your YouTube videos your good and not just at singing"

    "Thanks that means a lot coming from you but why did you hand me a thunderbird?"

    He said "I played a thunderbird so if your going to play bass you will to, and it's yours you'll need one if you want to learn anything"


    He started walking away and said "let's go time for your first lesson, your on break right?"

    I nod he says "alright then come on already" I follow him I'm ecstatic that he said yes but wow a thunderbird is really expensive why do people give me things I'm great full but still.

    (After that)

    Dan said "since you already played guitar I knew it would be easier but you really have a lot of talent kid a few more lessons and you should be fine"

    "Thanks Dan, Also can you help me out with something?"

    He said "really, what is it?"

    "A present for my little sisters birthday"

    He says "sure I'll help you"

    (Next day at school)

    I separate from Cora as I go to my 4th period class beginning band as I walk in everyone looks at me 'the second video made it worse especially in this kind of class that's usually for people who really love music' I walk to the far side of the room away from the door where the piano is I put my backpack down and I sit down at the piano. The music director(teacher) walks in with a big smile on his face and when he looked at me it widens I sighed he continued to teach the class. Afterwards I go to his office in the music room I go in he says "what can I do for you Alexander?"

    I say "is it possible to join jazz band in the second semester, I've learned everything I could in this class and I want to learn more so I talked to my counselor about it he said I had to get permission from you because are already half way through the year"

    He said "of course you've really improved at playing piano so I would be happy to allow you to join, also the way you played the guitar in your video was great!"

    I said "thank you for letting me join I look forward to learning even more" I walk to my next class.

    (Last class of the day)

    The bell rings and me and Cora walk to the locker room holding hands when we get there I say "good luck with your game today sorry I can't go" she turns towards me and looks around making sure no one is there then she looks at me and says "I know you have practice i get it I'm not mad at you I won't be able to go to all your games either" then she stands on the tip of her toes and gives me a kiss.

    She just looks up at me with her arms around my neck I say "at least my mom and Birdie will be there, and you better score"

    She says "I know I'll try and I'm glad I have all of you in my life my mom will be there too so that's good ,anyway I'll see you later okay" she walks to the girls locker room and I go to the boys locker room and get ready for practice.
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