25 Birdies Birthday

    (December 19, 2013)

    After I got home from practice I took a shower   then ate diner and watched a movie with my family I went up to my room. When I was laying down so I can go to sleep I decided to check my progress 'status'

    [Alexander Rose - 17 ]


    Exp: (50/75)

    [ Attributes ]

    Strength: 6

    Agility: 7

    Stamina: 7


    Charm: 8

    Attribute points:0

    [ Skills ]

    Guitar: 75

    Singing: 70

    Football(soccer): 70

    Exercising: 60

    Editing: 55

    Cooking: 52

    Piano: 50

    Teaching: 49

    Driving: 48

    Skill points:0

    'Wow learning from Dan has really boosted my skill in playing guitar' then I start feeling really tired and I go to sleep thinking about tomorrow.

    (Next morning)

    I woke up and got dressed in a red and black long sleeve plaid shirt unbuttoned with a black shirt underneath and black jeans with black and white vans ate breakfast and went to the last day of school for this semester then we go on winter break.

    (At school)

    I walked into my 3rd period class which is English with Cora. we've been taking finals since Tuesday and we had half days since Wednesday and only two, two hour classes a day since Wednesday and we get out at 12:15PM.

    (1 hour later)

    I finished my English test and I turned it in after double checking it I still had an hour left until the class was over so I used my phone and checked how the videos are doing. Both videos are past 650 thousand views most of them are probably from people watching more then once but it's still a lot of views I feel good about how things are going. I hear the bell ring and I walk to my next class with Cora and Austin where we are just watching a movie because we took the test a week ago so we could have a free period for the last day.

    (After school At a Grocery store)

    Cora says "so why are we here?"

    "My mom told me to pick up the cake for Birdies party today"

    She gets excited because she loves sweets "what kind!"

    I say "I think it's a chocolate and vanilla marble cake with buttermilk cream and its princess themed"

    She says "that sounds good"

    We walk up to the bakery section of the store I give them my moms name and they brought me the cake I paid for it and we walked to Cora's car she got it in the passenger side

    She said "give me the cake" I give it to her and she puts it in her lap then she hands me the keys I grab them "are you sure?"

    She smiles and says "yeah why not you do have your license and I trust you to be careful now hurry up, before I change my mind" I run to the other side and I turn on the car she laughs at me I just smile because I finally get to drive my dream car.

    I start driving toward RMC she says "why are we going where you work?"

    I said "I need to pick up Birdies present"

    She says "what is it?"

    Just like before I said "you'll have to wait to see it but at least you'll know What it is when I walk out with it" I park the car and i walk inside to pick up Birdies present.


    I walk to Dan's office I knock I hear "come in" I walk in and he's typing on his computer at his desk He looks up and says "I just got it back from my friend had to call in a favor to get it done but it looks good" I shake his hand and said "thanks for your help Dan it probably would have cost more if I tried to get it done myself, thank you"

    He shakes his head and says "it's no problem at all I've seen your sister a few times when your mom picks you up and I remember when they came in around the time I opened this place she asked me for help to pick a guitar for her brother and when I saw her with your mom picking you up I knew you where that brother, I can tell that she looks up to you and loves you very much so if it's for your sweet little sister I'm happy to help" I smile and give him a bro hug

    I say "thank you again and I hope I see you at the party" I walk out with a guitar case.

    (Alexander's house 3PM)

    I open the door to see the party just starting not everyone is here yet ,it's mainly girls from Birdies class and their families and then my whole family that are coming.

    Cora walks to the kitchen with the Cake I go upstairs with Birdies gift and I make sure she doesn't see me because she'll know what it is right away and she'll start asking questions. After that I go to the kitchen to find Cora and I find her and my mom talking I walk towards them when I get there my mom hugs me and says "thank you so much you guys are a big help I had to get the house ready for the party  so you getting the cake really helped"

    "Your welcome Mom"

    Cora says "anything for Birdie she's like a little sister to me"

    My mom hugged Cora and said "I'm glad you see us as family It makes me happy, now we just have to wait until my son finally pops the question to make it official" Cora blushes bright red and looks down at her hands I say " I... um... let's go Cora" I grab her hand and we go outside I can hear my mom laughing loudly  while we walk away we sit at a table away from everyone I sigh "sorry about that you know how she is"

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    She laughs and says "yeah I know she just caught me off guard, I don't mind though" while adding in her mind '...if you do ask me to marry you one day' I smile and then i said "okay well I'll go get us something to eat" I go get us some food.

    (Around 4:30PM)

    Birdie comes up to me she asks "can you sing for me and my friends, Pleeease?" She looks at me with those eyes I can't say no I sigh and say "Fine, I'll go get my guitar bring your friends inside okay" she hugs me and says "Thank You!" She runs to tell her friends. I go upstairs to get my Gibson Cora following behind me.

    (In the living room)

    I'm sitting on the couch and Birdie and all her friends and my little cousins are sitting on the carpet in front of me and almost everyone else is standing behind them I sigh because I was only going to sing for the kids but when I came downstairs the living room was full of people.

    I asked Birdie "what do you want me to sing?" She says "my favorite song" I nod then I sing Firework after finishing everyone started clapping I didn't notice someone recording me because I was talking to Birdie and her friends.

    I said "next song?" For the next 30 minutes I was stuck singing some songs from certain popular princess movies and they sang along i internally sigh because I thought I would be singing songs like the first one.

    My mom then said "time for the Cake!" Everyone started going back outside the adults talking about my talent and my mom soaking in all the attention while they walked outside because they where asking her about me I laughed a little. then I saw Dan walk up to me I said "I didn't even see you when did you get here?"

    He said "when you started singing so I had to listen to all of that thank you so much" he finished sarcastically at the end

    I laughed "yeah I know that's definitely not your kind of music"

    we walked outside to see my mom lighting up 7 candles on the cake she said "all right let's sing happy birthday for the birthday girl" Birdie who is wearing a turquoise Dress with white flats and a tiara on her head standing in front of her cake smiled happily and we all started singing along

    "Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday to you

    Happy birthday dear Birdie

    Happy birthday to you!"

    She made a wish 'Please Keep Alex Safe' and blew out her candles then my mom started cutting the cake and handing out pieces to everyone.

    I picked up Birdie and kissed her cheek

    I said "what did you wish for?"

    She said "I can't tell you! Or it won't come true"

    I sigh and said "fine"

    After everyone ate some cake or in Cora's case 3 pieces my mom said "time for presents!" Birdie quickly ran over to the presents where my mom was and opened all of her presents she looked sad probably because she thinks I didn't get her something I said "hold on I need to go get the present I got for her" Birdies mood instantly changes and she smiles.

    I go upstairs grab the guitar case with a bow tied around it and I walk back outside where everyone is. When I get there Birdie sees what I have and she gets excited when I get closer to her she quickly grabs my hand and pulls me over to the presents and I put it on the table carefully she says "did you really get me one?" I nod she turns around walks up to the case and she slowly opens it all her friends standing by her when it's open all say things like "woah!" "pretty" "lucky" and then I heard my mom next to me jokingly say "you just had to make our presents look bad, but at least I finally know what it is"

    I got her a Gibson J-45 standard like mine that I bought from Dan but I asked dan if he knew someone who could customize it for me and he did so he sent it to them and on the pick guard there's an outline of a Dove carved into it that takes up nearly the entire space. Birdie runs to me and I get down onto one knee and she hugs me I hug her back she says "thank you!"

    Then she goes back to look at it with her friends I smile and say "I'm glad she likes it" Cora smiles and holds my hand while we look at Birdie who's trying to use what I taught her to play it I walk over with Cora and help her.
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