26 Leland HS

    (Next morning 9AM)

    'Ah Christmas Break get to wake up a little later than normal ,still got a game today though' get up do my morning routine and I get dressed in my Home uniform I grab my duffel bag and head downstairs.

    I see the Christmas tree in the living room which reminds me to get something for Cora with the little money I've got left. My mom prepared a nice breakfast eggs, and bacon with a hash brown. I grab a coffee mug fill it with hot water add the instant coffee, two spoons of sugar, and hazelnut creamer and I grab some Pan Dulce then I sit and enjoy my breakfast.

    (10 AM)

    After we finished me birdie and my mom got in my moms car and we waited for Cora who came walking when she got into the car we left. while mom was driving I said "I'm glad you could come this time Cora it's been a few games since you came to one"

    Cora said "I know you guys have been struggling without me watching"

    I laughed and said "no argument here we really need to bounce back we just had our first loss we're 3-2-1 right now" (A/N: Wins-Draws-losses)

    (At the football stadium)

    I walked up to the team while my mom, Birdie and Cora when to sit down I see everyone is sitting down putting on their cleats I sit next to Chris and Jared who's goalkeeper uniform is all black but everything else is the same as ours and he has blue nike cleats and blue nike gloves. Coach Jason walks up to us he says "I know we've been struggling the past weeks but I know you guys are a great team, this is where you prove that and create the momentum for the rest of the season prove that I'm right about this team that's all I have to say the lineup is the same now let's get going!"

    I get up and the rest of the team follows I yell "Bruins on 3!"




    "Bruins!!" it echoes through the field

    (On the field)

    When the teams are warming up the captain from the Leland team, Jordan Allen,  walks over to Alexander.

    Jordan says "so your the captain, you don't look like much"

    Alexander says "oh hey nice to meet you" he ignores that and goes for a hand shake but Jordan leaves him hanging.

    Jordan says "I'll see you when I win" and walks away

    Alexander thinks 'somebody's full of himself' he shakes his head and goes back to warming up.

    (Start of game)

    Austin kicks the ball back to Rose who dribbled the ball straight up the field with Austin and Raymond in front of him. He looks up to see Raymond calling for the ball Rose Kicks the ball over him and the defender running next to him then Raymond takes off after the ball and runs on the right side of the field all on his own and he kicks it to the top left corner and he scored the keeper had no chance. I walked past Jordan and he looked angry I just wave at him that angers him even more.

    (24th minute)

    Jordan called for the ball at his feet he was one on one against Greg he went to the left so focused on Greg that he didn't see Rose come from behind him and Rose ran right by him with the ball and passed it to David who took it up the field.

    (36th minute)

    Rose intercepted a pass and kicked it up the field where Austin was in the penalty box the ball was coming towards him he kicked it while it was still in the air it went right past the keepers head. The crowd erupted and Austin did a backflip Rose ran up to him and they did their own handshake.

    (42nd minute)

    Jordan took the ball straight up the field by himself running right by the defenders he kicked the ball from the left side and it had curve to it as it went to the bottom right corner but Jared dives for it and punches the ball so it goes past the goal. He stares Jordan down Yes Alexander told his teammates about Jordan's disrespect.

    (Half time)

    Jared walks off the field with Alexander he says "you should have seen his face when I blocked his shot he looked surprised then he was so mad I wanted to say something but I didn't want to get a card from the ref"

    I said "I know good work back there though I know he has no chance against you" we fist bump and when we we get to the sideline Chris hands me my water bottle I thank him then drink my water.

    Jason says "alright guys just keep it going there's nothing to change they don't have the ability to stop the Riley twins and Alexander" I put down my water bottle and head back out onto the field.

    (48th minute)

    Rose dribbled the ball past Jordan and spun around another defender with the ball and he had no one else in front of him he shot the ball from outside the penalty box and he made it. Rose slid on his knees with his arms out Austin and Raymond celebrated with him.

    (65th minute)

    Jared blocked another one of Jordan's shot he saw Rose running down the field calling for the ball in front of him and Jared kicked the ball and it flew through the air and it landed about 7ft in front of Rose who was holding back until the last second then he took of at full speed running with the ball down the left sideline he looked to see if anyone was running to the box and he saw Greg running and he kicks a cross to Greg and it had a curve on it Greg saw it curving and coming in front of him he hit it with his head to the top right corner and it was in.

    (75th minute)

    Jason yells "Sub!" Ref blows the whistle he yells again "Alex" I start running over and I see Chris standing with him and he looks like he's about to be sick I want to laugh but I know how he feels because I was in his position before. So when I get in front of him I say "Chris just relax you'll do fine I believe in you alright you've been working hard now hurry up and get out there"

    he smiles and says "thanks" he high fives me and runs to midfield. I go sit on the bench and drink my water while the game continues.

    (77th minute)

    The ball goes to Chris and he dribbles and it gets stolen from him by Jordan who goes and takes a shot but it's blocked by Jared again. Chris is looking down then Alexander yells "you better not be blaming yourself get your head in the game!" He takes a deep breath and he says to himself "right I got this"

    (87th minute)

    They where so predictable every shot came from Jordan so that's why Jared hasn't had any problems as he caught one of his shots and he kicked it straight to Chris who stopped it with his chest and the ball dropped to his feet he passed it to David who passed it back to him and he dribbled the ball up the field some more then passed it ahead to Michael that was running up the left sideline and Chris ran into the penalty box and Michael kicks a cross to Chris it bounces once and it makes it to him and he kicked the ball to the bottom left corner of the goal and he...made it! he just stood there shocked that he he actually made a goal then the ref blew the whistle which meant the game was over.


    I was running straight for Chris along with the rest of the team I yelled "Chris great job I knew you could do it!" And I gave him a hug then we where surrounded by the team. I got out of that and stood by Jason and Jared and we watched the team celebrating the youngest members goal.

    Jared said "I guess you where right about him he's pretty good"

    I said "yeah I know he's good he just needs confidence"

    Jason says "I gave him a spot on the team because he reminded me of you when you where trying out for the team, glad I was right" and he walked away towards his new girlfriend Natalie Jared following behind him.

    The celebration calmed down and everyone started going home. Since I was one of the last to leave the field I saw Chris by himself his family wasn't there so I walked over and threw my arm around his neck

    and said "come on"

    He said "what do you mean?" He allowed me to pull him along

    I said "I just want to introduce you to my family and girlfriend then you can come with us to hang out"

    He said "I don't want to be a bother"

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    I said "Chris don't worry about it, I've been starting to see you as a little brother over the past few weeks so I think you'll fit right in, now let's go already" we walk over to my mom Birdie and Cora and we go home.
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