27 A Day with Her

    (December 22, 2013 10 AM)

    Alex is currently sitting in his moms car outside of Cora's house waiting for her to come outside. he's listening to the radio and singing along to a song that was really popular this year

    "And you let her-"

    when the song was ending the car door opened and I stopped singing, after Cora sat down I gave her a kiss and she happily returned it.

    She said "so why'd you randomly come over?"

    I said "do I need a reason just to see my beautiful girlfriend?" She just shakes her head and smiles

    I said "I just wanted to know if you wanted to go out?"

    She said "right now?"

    I answered "obviously"

    She smiled and says "sure I don't have anything to do today"

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    I said "great Let's go" I put the car into drive, and while I was driving I felt Cora grab my hand and intertwine her fingers with mine so now I have one hand on the steering wheel while our hands lay in between us I smile and in the corner of my view I see her smiling to and I think 'Damn I love her smile'

    (At Westfield Valley Fair mall)

    I park the car and we walk into the mall the first thing we do is order food then we sat at a table after they gave us what we ordered.

    I said "it's crazy how the girls are undefeated so far, your teams really good"

    She says "yeah it won't be the same for them next year though 10 of the starters are seniors."

    I say "wow, that's about half the team the only seniors on my team is me, Austin, Raymond and Greg."

    I then asked "I've been wanting to know, how did you even get the car I've always wanted because it's pretty expensive to buy"

    She says "yeah I didn't actually buy it, it used to be my grandpas car...when he passed away last year..." she starts tearing up I pull my chair over to her and then hug her she just leans into me I wipe her tears we stay like that for a couple of minutes.

    Then I say "I didn't know I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you, I know how close you two were I feel horrible i wasn't there when you needed me the most-" I feel her shake her head no I look down and she kissed me.

    she said "it's ok don't feel bad, I'm ok now I just haven't talked about it to anyone not even my parents they just assumed I was ok. So in a way you were here for me because you got me to talk about it and I finally let out my emotions only you can do that to me because I can be myself around you. I just wish it hadn't been in public It would be so embarrassing if there was a lot of people here and they saw me cry, but good thing we came in the morning when there's not much people" I laugh and hug her a little longer then I go back to my original spot after I see her smiling again.

    She then pouts after I let her go because she was probably comfortable in my embrace I smile and say "I think I've been spoiling you to much"

    She says "no, you haven't been spoiling me enough" I laughed again and she then laughed with me to. After we stopped laughing she said "anyway, like I was saying he gave it to me it needed some repairs and a new paint job, my dad fixed it up for me then we took it to a shop and they gave it a paint job and that's how I got my car" I reach over and hold her hand, she smiled and we finished our food as we got up I said "so what do you want to do first?"

    She said "I don't know let's just walk around" I hold her hand while we started walking to almost every store in the mall then we went to look at some shoes, then she dragged me into a clothing store and made me try on so many different things. She even bought me a couple of shirts I said "thanks, you didn't have to do that I invited you to come with me"

    She said "well I just want to spoil my boyfriend is that so bad?" I chuckled and said "fine, but now it's your turn" I made her try some clothes on that I thought she would look good in when she came out of the dressing room ,blushing because she never wears these kind of clothes, wearing one of the outfits I thought would look good on her, she was wearing a black off shoulder shirt, Levi's Denim shorts, her black Glasses and black vans.

    I unconsciously said "Beautiful" she blushed brighter than before.

    She said "do I really look beautiful?" while looking down at her hands I put my hand under her chin and lifted her head up so she could look at me.

    I nod my head said "your the most beautiful girl in the world" I kissed her on her forehead we heard a collective "Aww!" Cora's smile quickly disappeared and she hid her face against my chest I looked over and the employees were looking at us. I laughed awkwardly feeling a little embarrassed I quickly went to go pay for the outfit Cora was wearing and she put her other clothes in the bag and we walked out Cora was just hugging my arm and couldn't look at the employees out of embarrassment. When we were walking to the entrance so we can leave and go to the movies like we planned, I saw multiple jewelry stores and I got the perfect idea for her Christmas present.

    I said "hey, can you wait here for a minute I got to go to the restroom real quick"

    She said "okay, but hurry up the movie starts soon and it's a 15 minute drive" I nod and I quickly head towards the restroom to make it believable when she's not looking anymore I change direction and jog towards one of the jewelry stores and I find the perfect gift I buy it and I put the case in the pocket on the inside of my jacket so she won't see it. I make my way back over to Cora and we finished our day with a movie.

    (Driving Home 7:30 PM)

    I said "I don't know it was confusing to me"

    She said "how can hunger gam- ooh sorry we should have watched something else you haven't watched the first one since you know"

    I said "hey don't worry about It you were so excited to watch it so it's ok, I liked it I just didn't always get it but now that I know there's a first one we can watch it at the house, I wonder if mom has the first one?"

    She nods her head and says "yeah she definitely has it she's a big fan like me, we watched the first one together I was going to watch the second one with her when it came out but Soccer took my free time."

    I said "okay then we'll watch it in my room"

    (Alexander's house)

    When we walk in and dinner is on the table it's like my mom knows when I'll be home. Anna walks into the dining room from the kitchen and she sees them and then she looks at what Cora is wearing and she squeals and walks over to us.

    Mom says "omg you look so cute Cora you never wear these type of clothes what's going on!"

    Cora just looks away blushing she says "he gave me some clothes and said I would look good in them and so I tried them on and he bought this outfit for me..." she finished quietly

    Mom says "well he was right, now time for dinner it's lasagna tonight"

    I said "Yes!" I pull Cora to the table and I sit down and Cora sits next to me. Birdie came downstairs and saw Cora sitting next to me and puffed her cheeks but sat on the other side of the table between mom and dad and we ate dinner then Cora asked my mom about the movie and we went to my room and watched it together.

    They fell asleep together with Cora's head on Alexander's chest and he has his arm around her waist holding her close they both have a smile on their face.
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