28 First step

    (Dec 23, 2013 8:00AM At RMC)

    "Thanks for coming by Daisy, I know I randomly asked to talk to you and with how busy you've been lately with your record label I'm sorry to mess up your schedule"

    Daisy Lewis a beautiful 35 year old woman, whose family moved to the US from Leicester, England when she was 4, standing at 5ft 6in, with blonde hair and blue eyes. she started out as an assistant to their bands manager, they knew her father so they helped her get the job but that's where the helped stopped because she wanted to do it on her own after that. 3 years later she went on to be a manager on her own for many artists over the next 12 years and she was successful at what she did, and after that she used her own money to start her own Record Label, and she's been giving it her all because she wants it to be successful.

    Daisy said "it's no problem Dan ,you and the guys gave me my start in this industry I could never thank you enough, if anyone of you need me I'll be there, now why would you ask me to come here to talk? Are you ok? I mean you are getting up there in-"

    Then Dan said "no I'm fine this isn't about me at all, this is actually about an incredibly talented kid I think you would be interested in he actually works here."

    Daisy said "Dan-"

    He said "before you decline at least check him out, okay?" Daisy sighs and then nods and Dan smiles then he turns up the volume to his computer and turns the screen so Daisy can see and he plays his music videos for her.

    (Alexander's house same time)

    I woke up and was looking up at the ceiling then I felt movement on my chest I looked down and smiled at Cora who was looking up at me with her beautiful eyes. A blush slowly spread across her face and she put her face onto my chest l heard a muffled "I can't believe I feel asleep my parents are going to be so mad" I rubbed her back and said "hey I'm sure they won't be so mad you've stayed over before"

    She looked up at me and said "we were kids then, it's different now that we're older" and the blush came back

    I said "why is it different now that where older?" Knowing what she meant but I just wanted to mess with her.

    She blushed even brighter and stuttered "B-Because w-we" I shut her up with a kiss and she quickly returned it things started to heat up and my hands were slowly sliding down her back when my door was opened and my mom walked in and Cora quickly separated from me.

    She said "oh, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to interrupt. Cora I just wanted to say I called your parents last night when I saw you both asleep and told them not to worry and to tell you breakfast was ready. And don't forget you have work today Alex you don't want to be late"

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    With a slight blush on my face feeling a little embarrassed at my mom walking in I said "okay, thank you mom well be down for breakfast in a few minutes" she nods and walks out closing the door behind her.

    I looked at Cora who was laying down blanket covering her face I laughed and she said "it's not funny Alex, that was so embarrassing" I pulled the blanket away from her face and I kissed her forehead and said "I know I'm sorry, maybe I shouldn't have kissed you like that" she shook her head

    I said "what?"

    Cora said "no, it's okay I-I really enjoyed it" she looked away I could see a smile on her face I smiled and I got up

    I said "let's go eat some breakfast, then I need to get ready for work" I grabbed her hand after she got out of bed and we went downstairs.

    Mom just gave us a knowing look the whole time and Cora couldn't look her in the eye she just kept looking at her food and eating. I then went upstairs and did my morning routine and put on my work uniform and went downstairs to see my family and Cora looking at the television I walk up to tell Cora were leaving but I'm shocked at the next story on the news.

    (Bay Area News)

    "Now, this next story is about a video of a local teen gone viral."

    "That's right here's a 30 second clip of that Video" it then plays part of the video and it's of me playing Firework at Birdies birthday.

    (Back In the living room)

    Birdie yells "look Alex is on TV!"

    Mom says "I can't believe it"

    Dad was just smiling proudly

    Cora is just as shocked as me they continue to talk about how sweet the video is because I sang for my little sister for her birthday and that the video had a little over 1 million views in one day and about 2 million in 3 days. I didn't know anything about this I hadn't checked any of my social media or my channel because I've been busy.

    I quickly pulled out my phone and I checked on my YouTube videos but they only got about 100k views more on each one and 15k more subs I should have more than this if That video had 2 million views and counting. then I realized something, I wasn't credited at all the news only said 'Local Teen' and the video was called '17 year old sings firework for little sister!' nothing about me was mentioned so whatever I could have gained from that video is already gone I sighed.

    I went over to the video and looked at the name of the channel 'Ashley Cantu' it was my cousin and she now has 94k subscribers but she knows who I am and we go to the same high school so she probably knows about my channel so why wouldn't she mention me? I sigh again because I know why she has been really mad at me since I came back and I don't know why and I need to talk to her soon.

    (Cora POV)

    I heard Alex sigh and I see him looking at his phone I was smiling because I thought his career would take off with this then I looked at his phone and I realized that it wouldn't and my smile quickly vanished and I hugged him and said "why would she do that?"

    Alex just said "I'm not sure" while holding me close with one arm.

    (Alexander's POV)

    I had just dropped Cora off at home and I made her promise not to do anything about this and that I would talk to Ashley soon and she reluctantly agreed. Now I'm on my way to work 'hope Dan isn't to mad that I'm 5 minutes late' I park the car and walk into work as I walk through the door I see Dan with a woman I've never seen before. He sees me and walks towards me with the woman following behind him.

    he says "there you are, I was getting worried you weren't coming"

    I guess he hasn't seen the news so I just smile and said "I would never miss work Dan you've known me for a couple months now you should know that, although I am sorry I'm a few minutes late something happened so I was a little late, I'm sorry" he looked concerned and he said "don't worry about it, we'll talk later okay" I just nod

    He said "any way, I have someone I think you will be happy to meet considering you want to pursue music as a career" he finished with a smile I looked shocked hoping he's saying what I think he's saying

    "This is-"

    she interrupted Dan and introduced herself "Daisy Lewis, and I want to sign you to my Record Label" she finished with a smile and her hand out for a handshake.
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