29 Daisy’s Offer

    I looked at her with a shocked expression on my face and I quickly shook her hand.

    I said \"what do you mean exactly? Are you serious?\"

    Daisy said \"yes I'm serious, when Dan showed me your channel I didn't expect much but you surprised me you were good in your first video and you got even better by your second, your obviously improving and I love your voice. On top of that you look great if you put it all together I think you have superstar potential, you just need more experience and to work hard and you may reach that potential and I want to help you get there.\"

    I had a moment to think about it and I said \"thank you for the compliments and I'm happy that you want me to sign with you but I'd rather talk about this with you at another time with my manager present.\"

    She smiles at my answer Then she says \"good, I'm glad you didn't just blindly accept and that your really as smart as Dan said, if you did accept I would have just walked away.\"

    I said \"yeah I probably would have accepted if this was before Dan started teaching me how to play bass because he also shares some of his experiences with me, I do hope your not offended though.\"

    Daisy quickly said \"not at all I like you, you remind me of artists I worked with in my days as a manager. Here give this to your manager and have them set up a meeting with me\" she hands me her card and walks out of the building.

    Dan asked me \"you have a manager?\"

    I shook my head and said \"nope, but I need to get one now\" he laughed and slapped me on my back.

    Dan said \"okay, now that that's over hurry up and get to work\" I sigh remembering I have a long day of work today.

    (After Work)

    I park the car and I sigh 'finally home' I grab a couple things from the back of the car and I walk to my door and open it and close it behind me. Birdie comes running from where she was sitting on the couch and hugs me she says \"you were gone to long, whats that?\" I smiled and walked over to the Christmas tree and put a couple of presents under it.

    I said \"sorry, you know I work now I would have come home sooner but I had to get these presents for mom and dad\" she crossed her arms \"and you\" she smiles and I laughed at her.

    she frowned and said \"It's not funny\"

    I just started going upstairs to get out of my work clothes but when I got to the top of the stairs

    I said \"yes it is\" then I heard her telling my mom that I'm being mean while I went to my room so I can change.

    When I came back downstairs dinner was ready so I sat down at my seat next to Birdie. While we were eating I brought up that I would need to find a manager, my moms eyes widen and so did my dads

    Anna said \"why do you need a manager you only just started?\"

    I reached into my pocket and pulled out the card and handed it to her. She takes it from me and looks down at it and she doesn't say anything for about a minute I was going to say something but then she looks up at me with a smile on her face she says \"is this real? How? Why?\" She came around from the other side of the table and I stood up and she hugged me while my dad picked up the card from the table and smiled at me and said \"congratulations son I'm happy for you.\"

    I said \"thanks dad, and yes it's real Dan apparently talked with Daisy about me and showed her my YouTube channel. When I went into work this morning they walked up to me and she introduced her self to me and said she likes me and that I have potential then she gave me her card to talk about signing with her label later so nothing is official yet.\"

    My mom pulled back and wiped her tears and said \"that's great I'm so proud of you, and I'm so happy that you are chasing your dream, now I'll call Mia since you'll be needing help.\"

    I said \"why would you call aunt Mia?\"

    She said \"Mia was my agent since I was 17 all the way to 22 years old when I retired to have and take care of you and as you know we have been friends ever since and I know she'll have your best interest in mind. I know she was going to retire soon but this will definitely change her mind.\"

    I'm shocked again because I just thought she was a family friend but she's more like family to us she was always around when I was little. I do agree with my mom she's an agent so Mia will definitely know about contracts, appearances, advertisement deals if they come, things like that and I know I can trust her which is important to me. but I haven't seen her In years because she has been living in Germany where the players she represents play and because of the accident.

    I say \"if she can then I'd be happy to have her as my manager but I don't want to bother her if she plans on retiring like you said\"

    She said \"oh, don't worry I know she loves you and Birdie and she has a soft spot for you two I think she'll be happy to put off retirement for you but I'll call her to make sure ok.\"

    I hug her and thank her then we all go to bed after talking some more. Tomorrow we'll be going to a Christmas party at my grandparents house where I know Ashley will be as well.
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