31 Christmas Break 2




    I'm shocked because if it could my jaw would be hitting the floor, I just saw Cora slap Ashley not hard enough to leave a bruise or anything just enough so she can feel it. I quickly got in between so nothing else happens.

    "Why? Why would you use Alexander like that! The least you could have did was give him credit and you didn't even do that!"

    Ashley was just last looking at the floor seemingly ashamed of what she's done but then she quickly looked up glaring at both of us with tears in her eyes.

    "Why should I have to give him any credit it's not like he's done anything for me the past few years... h-he left me all alone, he w-wasn't there when I needed him, he promised... he would always be there!" She was breathing heavily tears running down her cheeks, my heart hurt to see her this way I was still mad at her but I took a step towards her and before I could Cora ran passed me and pulled her up into a hug and quickly apologized to her for slapping her saying

    "I don't know what came over me, when I saw you I was just so angry for what you did to him and I just acted without thinking" I joined in and wrapped them both in a hug.

    I sigh heavily then I said "there's nothing else to say other then I'm so sorry for leaving you alone, I never planned to get hit by a truck but I had to save Mia and I would do it again. I consider you one my best friends and your also family I love you and I'll always be there for you. But I'll be honest it hurt a lot when you used me for your own gain and when you straight up ignored me when I saw you again so I may not trust you like I did before, yet, but I forgive you plus I think Cora's Slap should be punishment enough, I just hope you can forgive me to."

    Internally I think 'to much drama' Ashley steps back wiping her tears she says "I forgive you and I'm so sorry, I know what I did was wrong I'll delete the video and my channel. I just want things to go back to the way they used to be..." I smiled and hugged her and she hugged back so tightly it was like she was making up for years of me being gone all at once.

    As we started walking back inside I grinned as I thought of something and I said "now hold on a minute, don't delete the video just make a short video telling them about my channel and put the link to my channel in both videos description. Keep the channel if you can make something for yourself, do it" she looks at me completely shocked then she hugged me and thanked me over and over.


    I closed the back door after we all walked in Then we walked towards the living room. When we walk in I saw Jason and Jared's parents walking through the front door which means they're around here somewhere I greet them then me Cora and Ashley go look for them.


    We walked past my grandparents and a few volunteers serving food and past the stage then we find them sitting at a table eating. I sit next to Jared and Cora sits next to me and Ashley sits at the end of the table by Jared and Jason and Natalie are sitting on the other side.

    I asked "why'd your parents go inside if your out here?"

    Jason says "she's upset with Me and Jared because a club from England's EFL league Two, contacted me this morning about Jared and if I had his contact information, that's when I said he was actually my brother so they instantly started talking about how they sent a scout to the US and luckily they saw our first game in person and that they want him to sign with them and I told them I would call them back and I told Jared and my parents because he still needs their permission since he's still underage."

    I yelled "What! That's great news why is she so mad?"

    He said "she wants him to finish school here but we told her he could finish his education over there while in the youth academy but she wouldn't listen, she then brought up my injury and what would happen if he also got something like it and I get that she's afraid but this is a big opportunity so we are still arguing about it" I looked at Jared and he looked sad and angry at the same time.

    I put a hand on his shoulder and I said "what about your dad has he said anything about it?"

    He shook his head no "well then try to convince him first if he hasn't said anything then he might be on the fence about it, then your mom might eventually give in" Jared instantly perked up and had a smile on his face.

    He said "yeah, your right I still have a chance. Now let's go Party!" He got up and made his way to where everyone was dancing and made his way to a few girls, in the corner of my eye I saw Ashley pouting I instantly started laughing Jason looked and he started laughing to and she instantly glared at us but the negative energy gone, for the most part and we started enjoying the party and We all joined Jared on the dance floor after we finished eating tamales.

    (Towards the end of the party)

    The music was turned off and we all looked towards the stage and I saw my grandpa on the stage grinning and I instantly knew what he was planning.

    Alejandro said "Ladies and gentlemen tonight we have some live entertainment for you-" I sighed but I smiled because I love music And performing it " My grandson Alexander!" Everyone started clapping and whistling and I walked towards the stage, when I got there I took the mic and I said "does anybody have a guitar?" Somebody in the crowd yelled "I got you!" and we waited while he ran across the street and came back with a Acoustic guitar that was older then mine by at least a decade but still in great condition. I put it down by the DJ I would use it later, I told the DJ witch instrumentals to play and I stood in front of the mic and I decided I would sing some songs in Spanish first then play the song I played for Cora Last. I nod to the DJ and I sing and everyone is having a great time my parents and grandparents are dancing together and Cora and Ashley are in the front dancing next to each other when I finish there was very loud clapping and cheering I felt happy.

    I said "I have one last song for you" I picked up the guitar it was still odd singing the girls part since that's how I remembered it, 'which reminded me I would have to find someone to sing that part soon or maybe if I sign they'll have someone.' I stood in front of the mic again I started to play the guitar then I started singing while looking at Cora in front of me and she's looking at me while everyone else slow danced behind her including Ashley who was dancing with Jared.

    When I finish everyone clapped again and then people started yelling "Encore! Encore!" I smiled brightly and sang the song one last time, and everyone that knew him personally smiled when they saw him smile.
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