379 Caugh

    The man's hand froze as he flipped through the report.

    "When our idol took a photo with you, he hugged your shoulder, but he didn't hug me!" Li Meng pouted as she recalled what happened during the photo-taking.

    Just as Mu Huan was about to say something, she suddenly sensed that something was amiss with the air. Hence, she instinctively lifted her head to take a look, only to see something that made her heart stop beating!


    Bo Junyan!

    Why was he here?!

    She was dressed like this! He had bumped into her...

    I'm dying! I'm dying! I'm really dying!

    What a f*cking luck! It wasn't very good, it was very bad!

    Seeing that Mu Huan seemed to have suddenly seen a ghost, Li Meng followed her line of sight and saw Bo Junyan's handsome face. However, his face was now a little black!

    She was stunned!


    Just now, PA Wang was so happy that he could see his idol and did not pay attention to what the two cleaners were saying. Just as he was wondering what was going on in the elevator, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

    Their CEO reached out to grab one cleaner's mask.

    He widened his eyes in shock. What shocked him even more was that the cleaner turned out to be their CEO's wife!

    PA Wang: "...!!!"

    The world seemed to have stopped at this moment. The air suddenly became so quiet that even a pin drop could be heard!

    Until the sound of the elevator door opening broke the silence.

    "Xiao... Xiao Huan... I... I still have something on, so I'll take my leave first! You take care of business!" Li Meng then ran off.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    What kind of friend did she have?! Things had come to this and she was running so fast!

    PA Wang looked at Li Meng's back and felt that it was a wise choice to run. Hence, he said, "CEO, please do your work!"

    With that, he ran off as well.

    Instantly, only Mu Huan and Bo Junyan were left in the elevator.

    Mu Huan wanted to run as well, but she didn't dare...

    "You took a photo with a male idol who hugged your shoulders? Are you dressed like this to see your male idol?" Bo Junyan sized her up and found that she even pretended to be a janitor. How thoughtful!

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    After a while, she said, "Hubby... let's... let's go out first."

    Bo Junyan shot her a cold glance and strode out.

    Just as Mu Huan was about to follow him, she suddenly realized that she had yet to return the cart to its original spot.

    "Hubby, may I return this cleaning cart to its original spot first?"

    Bo Junyan did not speak, but his gaze on her grew colder.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Just then, a cleaner walked over.

    Mu Huan hurriedly passed the cleaning cart to the other party.

    The cleaner was dumbfounded. She didn't know when a young lady had joined their department, and she was even a foreigner.

    At the thought of something, Mu Huan hurriedly took off her clothes. The cleaner's outfit she was wearing was borrowed from someone else.

    Bo Junyan's expression darkened further when he saw her taking off her clothes in public! He reached out and grabbed her hand, not allowing her to take it off.

    "Hubby, I have my clothes inside!" Mu Huan quickly said.

    She was wearing her T-shirt and jeans.

    Bo Junyan: "..."

    When they got into the car, Bo Junyan did not speak, but his gaze had turned colder.

    How could his wife spend so much effort to meet a man, take a picture with him, and even let him hug her?!

    As he thought of this, Bo Junyan's aura suddenly became even more sinister.

    Mu Huan couldn't help but shiver.
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