388 Angel, Evil Demon 7

    "That's part of our country's tradition. We can't let our opponents lose too badly."

    Eliza: "...!!!"

    Everyone: "..."

    Eliza wasn't a stupid person. She quickly understood that this was Mu Huan's tactic. She knew that the two of them were experts. This was a competition with few ways to victory. No matter what the requested number was, they could still roll it out.

    If they wanted to win, they had to rely on speed.

    Hence, Mu Huan deliberately slowed down her pace so that she could think of a way to win quickly and propose a quick competition. Then, Mu Huan suddenly surpassed Eliza and won the competition!

    Eliza had thought that she had schemed against Mu Huan in this match, but in the end, she had been completely tricked!

    Eliza, who had figured everything out, had an awful expression on her face! She had never expected that she would fall into the hands of such a harmless looking girl!

    "You said it yourself. You'll bear the consequences if you admit defeat! Come, come, come! Hurry! I've never played real darts before!" Mu Huan said excitedly.

    Thought she could bully Mu Huan's good friend, did she? And have designs on her husband? Hmph!

    Everyone: "..."

    What happened to the gentle, obedient, and weak Oriental doll?

    This was simply a dark loli!

    Everything that Eliza could think of, of course, had also been thought of by all the smart people present. They knew that Mu Huan, whether it was in terms of technique or psychological tactics, had completely defeated Eliza!

    People really shouldn't be judged just by their appearance! Such a cute Oriental doll actually had such capabilities! However, it should also have crossed their mind that a person like Bo Junyan would never marry someone stupid and weak.


    If she was willing to take a gamble, she must also bear the consequences. With so many witnesses around, even if Eliza didn't want to make good on the bet, she had no choice but to do so.

    However, because a competition like that was only a friendly match, everyone present was a respectable person. Even if they lost and had to go spin, no one would really throw darts at them.

    Hence, although Eliza was indignant and embarrassed, she did not fear anything.

    But when she was tied to the wheel...

    Suddenly, she heard Mu Huan say:

    "Aiya, Hubby, I forgot that I don't know how to throw darts! What if I accidentally hit someone and cause them to be covered in blood? I'm going to cause a horrible and bloody scene!"

    Eliza: "...!!!"

    Should Eliza be afraid? She should be! If Mu Huan didn't know how to throw darts, why would she attempt to play darts in real life?! Did she want Eliza's life?!

    All of a sudden, Mu Huan said happily, "Hubby, I've thought of something. I'll cover my eyes with a piece of cloth. If I make a mistake while throwing, I won't see a bloody scene!"

    Eliza: "...!!!"

    If Mu Huan's previous words had made Eliza want to vomit blood, then those next words alone could make her bleed profusely!

    Scary! This girl is so scary!

    She is like a devil!

    Everyone: "..."

    This Oriental doll really had the heart of an angel!

    Gong Zeye looked at Mu Huan with admiration. "I've decided. From now on, Little Sister-in-law will be my idol!"

    Fu Siye and Han Chen agreed.

    Their little sister-in-law was really beyond their expectations! With her evil personality, how had she managed to pass herself off as timid, quiet, and gentle?!

    Mu Huan had wanted to blindfold herself and scare Eliza a little, but she suddenly realized that if she did so, she would be completely exposed!

    Hence, she passed the dart in her hand to Bo Junyan. "Hubby, I was only joking with Miss Eliza just now. I don't know how to throw darts, so how could I go ahead with it and hurt people?! You can throw them!"
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