402 First Meeting 2

    Because Professor Lin was bringing her to this research project, Mu Huan was a little interested when she heard that the professor was also one of the experts.

    "Speaking of this medical research project, I heard that Professor Lin, who teaches pharmacology analysis, will be attending as well."

    "That's right. Professor Lin will be attending as well. Furthermore, she was planning to get the Year One student Mu Huan to be her assistant. She has already reported this to the head of the department."

    "No way! What right does a freshman like her have to be an assistant on such a big project?!"

    "What makes you say she isn't qualified? She'd entered the school not long ago and had already entered the school's research department. Now, she's even experimenting on her own. I heard that it's a very important experiment. Can you do as much? It's not even guaranteed you won't fail your subjects!"

    "F*ck! You make it sound like you can do it!"

    "Let's not talk about it. Mu Huan can be considered someone with talent!"

    "Don't tell me the other students in the research department don't have talent? There are so many Ph.D. students who didn't choose her, but Professor Lin did. That professor is too biased!"

    "What's wrong with the teacher's preferences?"

    "Why do you always say such things?"

    "I just wanted to tell you that it's natural for people to have favoritism, and there's also a wealthy husband who's strong and powerful to take note of. He's someone you can't afford to offend. Don't speak nonsense and offend others!"

    "Alright..." Mu Huan was indeed someone they could not afford to offend.

    Mu Huan called Bo Junyan again, but his phone was still switched off. This displeased her. She sent him many WeChat messages on her phone, all of which were pictures of her holding a knife to kill him.

    Just as she was wondering what Bo Junyan's expression would be when he saw these pictures...

    There was suddenly a commotion.

    "Oh my god! Is this true?! Is this true? Is it real?!"

    "Quick, pinch me and let me know that I'm not dreaming!"

    "Oh my god! This guest professor is so beautiful..."

    "My goddess! My goddess! I've decided to serve her as my goddess for life!"

    "From now on, as long as I can see her every day, it's fine if I failed all my examinations!"

    When Mu Huan and Li Meng heard the boys' exaggerated words, they looked up at the same time.

    A beauty in a white suit walked elegantly to the podium.

    "This woman's side profile looks so familiar. I think I've seen her somewhere before, but I can't quite remember where," Li Meng said with a frown.

    "You've seen it in that newspaper," Mu Huan said icily.

    "In the newspaper? When? Have I seen her reports?" Li Meng thought about it carefully, but she could not recall seeing this female professor in some medical journal.

    "That newspaper Huo Yuqi brought this morning."

    "I saw only the cover of that newspaper. I..." Li Meng suddenly realized something and widened her eyes in shock. "F*ck! Are you saying that this female professor is the woman who watched fireworks with God Bo last night?!"

    "Uh-huh." Although it was only a side photo last night, the side profile was very clear, and it happened to be on the side of the woman's half-face when she walked toward the lectern. Mu Huan recognized that profile right away after looking at it so intently that morning.

    "What the f*ck!" Other than cursing, Li Meng did not know what else to say.

    Right then, Mu Huan met Ling Wei's gaze on the stage and the other party smiled at her lightly.

    That smile clearly showed Mu Huan that he was smiling at her. She knew.

    Mu Huan smiled charmingly at once.

    When she saw Mu Huan's smile, Ling Wei's smile deepened. She retracted her gaze and looked at everyone. "Hello, everyone. I'm Ling Wei..."
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