405 First Meeting 5

    "Wow, my heart still can't calm down. I really didn't expect there to be such a perfect goddess in this world!"

    "I heard that she's one of the experts in our school's upcoming important research project. From now on, we can see her often at school!"

    "From now on, the school's research base will be my home! I'll be there day and night, as long as I can take another look at the goddess!"

    "I have to work hard in the future! I have to study hard and strive to be on par with the goddess!"

    "Forget it! With your academic results, you can't even say for certain that you'd graduate, much less get a few doctoral degrees! Don't taint my goddess with your thoughts!"

    "If I can't do it, you can't do it either! Scram to the side! What is there about you that makes you worthy of a goddess?! Look at this fellow, he's insulting the goddess!"

    "What the f*ck! Are you trying to get beaten up?!" the boy said as he stood up.

    "You're courting death!" The other party stood up as well.

    Then, the two started fighting.

    "Will you look at that? My Sister Ling Wei has such charm! There have been countless boys fighting over her ever since she was young!" Huo Yuqi had gone to the Long family's residence in the afternoon, but she did not see Long Feilei. Through her connections, she found out that Long Feilei had gone overseas and realized that she had been cheated. In addition, she had to attend Ling Wei's lecture in the afternoon, so she returned to school.

    As she had not met the person she liked, she was in a bad mood and wanted to find trouble with Mu Huan.

    "There've been countless boys who fought for Xiao Huan since she was young!" Li Meng retorted when she heard her words.

    Their Xiao Huan had been the school belle since she was young!

    "Stop joking. Her?" Huo Yuqi looked at Mu Huan with a contemptuous smile.

    "Are you stupid? Keep smiling!" Li Meng mocked.

    "Fine, I won't argue with you. Let's speak the truth!" Huo Yuqi's expression was saying that if you wanted to humiliate yourself, you couldn't blame me for insulting you!

    "The truth is that our Xiao Huan is beautiful and kind. She is talented and is also young and pretty!" In Mu Huan's eyes, Li Meng was good at everything. In Li Meng's eyes, no woman in this world was better than her Xiao Huan!

    Huo Yuqi did not respond to Li Meng's words. Instead, she stood up and walked toward the podium. She picked up the microphone on the podium and said, "Quiet down! Everyone, quiet down!"

    Her sudden action silenced the students, leaving only the two boys fighting.

    "Stop the fight between those two. Otherwise, I'll tell the dean right away! Fighting in school requires punishment!"

    The two boys who were in the middle of a fight suddenly realized that fighting in school was a big mistake, so they immediately let go of each other.

    Huo Yuqi waited for them to quiet down.

    "I have a question that I would like to ask everyone. I hope everyone can answer honestly and let some people see the truth!

    "This is the question: after today, do you think Professor Ling Wei or Mu Huan is prettier? Oh, scratch that, do you think Mu Huan is even comparable to Professor Ling Wei?"

    Everyone: "..."

    What kind of question was this?

    "There's no need to be afraid of Mu Huan. No matter how you answer, I'll ensure that you wouldn't get into trouble. You can speak freely!"

    The college students were young and hot-blooded. They were not willing to let others think that they were afraid of Mu Huan. Hence, after Huo Yuqi said that, they became even more daring.

    The two boys who were fighting earlier said in unison:

    "Mu Huan is nothing compared to Professor Ling Wei! How can she be compared to my goddess?!"
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