407 Shes Pretty Too 2

    "That's right! In terms of looks, our Xiao Huan has never needed to be afraid of anyone! Take a closer look at this little face. It's so smooth and tender that even with a magnifying glass, you can't find a single flaw in it. Is there anyone who can compare to this? And take note that she stayed up and didn't sleep at all for an entire night-it'd be absolutely beautiful if she were in a state where she was fully rested. It would be so beautiful that even a woman would be tempted to pounce on her!" Li Meng lifted Mu Huan's face to let the students take a closer look.

    "What are you doing...? I'm sleepy..." Mu Huan reached out to remove her hand and covered her head with her cap. Then, she lay on the table and slept.

    When Mu Huan was awake, most of the time, she would use her brain at high intensity. Hence, she often needed to sleep to let her brain rest. She did not sleep last night, and today, she needed more sleep. She did not care about the shaming and humiliation that a small fry like Huo Yuqi tried to pull. Neither did she want to waste more time on her. Hence, when Huo Yuqi walked to the stage, Mu Huan slumped over the table to catch up on her sleep. Right now, she was in a deep sleep.

    Everyone: "..."

    Mu Huan really did exude the image of an all-rounded genius found in novels. She could be seen sleeping every time, but she would always do well in her exams.

    Huo Yuqi's original intention was to humiliate Mu Huan, but who would have known that everyone would instead realize that Mu Huan was beautiful? And Mu Huan? She was humiliating her! She had actually fallen asleep!

    This made her mad!

    How could Mu Huan be such a weirdo?!

    "What about her is beautiful?! She's nothing but ugly. Besides her youthful skin, what else is there? Are you blind? To actually say that she's pretty!" Long Feiting snorted.

    Even though he had rushed to the dormitory to take a shower in the afternoon, he still felt uncomfortable.

    This d*mn Mu Huan had been using medicine on him again and again. Just see if he wouldn't kill her!

    When Huo Yuqi heard Long Feiting's words, she decided not to take him to task for lying to her.

    Long Feiting's background made him someone overbearing and who did not allow anyone to offend him. All the students knew that. Hence, after he said that, no one dared to praise Mu Huan anymore. The enthusiastic atmosphere in the class quietened down.

    Long Feiting saw that Mu Huan could sleep even more soundly because of this. Thinking about how itchy he was today, he got angry. He picked up a bottle of mineral water and walked toward Mu Huan.

    Then, without warning, he poured the entire bottle of water over Mu Huan's head.

    Li Meng was stunned by his sudden action. By the time she came back to her senses to stop him, Long Feiting had already emptied the bottle of water.

    Everyone: "..."

    They knew that Long Feiting did not like Mu Huan, but they did not expect him to do such a thing!

    To pour a bottle of water on Mu Huan's head in public!

    Seeing this, Huo Yuqi clapped her hands and cheered, "Good! Long Feiting, you've done a great job!"

    However, when Long Feiting snapped back to his senses and realized what he had done, he did not feel good. Instead, he was extremely frustrated! What was he doing?!

    Mu Huan, who had just woken up from the water, was still wondering what was going on when she opened her eyes. Was it raining? No, they were clearly on the first floor. Even if the roof was leaking, it shouldn't have landed on her head.

    Then she heard Li Meng's exasperated voice, saying, "Long Feiting, you're too much! Don't you want to live a good life?!"

    Mu Huan finally snapped back to her senses.

    When she saw the empty bottle in Long Feiting's hand, she instantly understood that it wasn't raining. It was Long Feiting who had poured water on her.
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