410 Inexplicable Trust 3

    Long Feiting was so angry that he almost couldn't swim. Just then, he felt something slip past his leg. It scared him so much that he immediately accelerated and swam forward.

    Seeing that he had safely swam to the opposite shore and climbed up, Mu Huan said, "Let's go."

    "Oh." Li Meng picked up the rubbish on the ground and followed her.

    Thinking of something, Li Meng asked, "This lake is so big. How are we going to fish out those piranhas later? Won't it affect the ecological balance in this lake if we don't?"

    "Those fish were just ordinary fish that were not used in the laboratory. They were meant to be released, so there's no need to fish them out," Mu Huan said.

    Li Meng: "..."

    When they arrived, Mu Huan made a trip to the laboratory. When she came out, Li Meng saw that she was holding a bag and asked what it was. Mu Huan said it contained fish. Hence, when Mu Huan said that those were piranha fish from the laboratory, Li Meng thought they were really piranha. Unexpectedly, they're just ordinary fish!

    She seemed to have thought of something and said, "This Long Feiting might be too much and infuriating, but he's actually quite naive. He came alone when you invited him here."

    He believed that it was a game.

    "Yes, he's not a bad person. That's why I didn't deal with him harshly. I only pranked him a bit."

    Long Feiting did not deal with Mu Huan harshly, and neither did Mu Huan. There was even an indescribable sense of trust between the two of them.

    Just as Li Meng said, Long Feiting was naive. How could someone like him be so naive? He just couldn't help believing Mu Huan. Even though he was always so angry that he wanted to kill her, he knew that Mu Huan wasn't the kind of person who would really do something to him.

    Mu Huan, on the other hand, had a strange sense of trust in Long Feiting. She knew that no matter how much Long Feiting went overboard, he wouldn't really do anything to her.

    Both of them concluded that they had trust in each other's character and intuition.

    On the other hand, they had neglected their subconscious sense of familiarity and trust toward each other.

    Back then, Mu Huan and Long Feiting had been kidnapped by bad guys for five days. Both of them were 11 years old and had developed deep feelings for each other under such circumstances. It was just that Long Feiting had feelings for her and Mu Huan had developed a brotherly bond with him.

    Mu Huan had such a good memory. Of course, she would remember what happened when she was kidnapped when she was young, and she did not forget the fat brother who carried her back that year.

    However, the difference between Long Feiting then and now was too great!

    When he was 11 years old, his face was so big that his eyes were almost popping out. Also, he was slowly growing into his eyes. When he was young, he had two slits for eyes that looked like a single eyelid.

    He was also developing late. When he was 11, he wasn't even as tall as Mu Huan.

    When he was young, he had the image of a short and round little fatty. Hence, Mu Huan would never associate the current campus beau Long Feiting with the little fatty back then.

    Furthermore, Long Feiting thought that he had made his name clear in the past. But in fact, back then, he had almost fallen off the cliff and his face was swollen from the fall. He could not speak clearly.

    He meant to say Long Feiting, and Mu Huan heard Rong Feiting.

    Hence, when Mu Huan first saw Long Feiting's name, she felt that it was somewhat familiar. Later on, she also thought that this familiar feeling came from the little fatty, Rong Feiting, whom she had saved back then. It was also because Long Feiting then and now were worlds apart from each other that she did not associate the two of them at all.
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