412 Stay at Her House 2

    As she insisted on going back, Li Meng did not try to dissuade her anymore.

    "Thank you, my little baby, xoxo!" Mu Huan gave her a flying kiss.

    Mu Huan bought some desserts on the way home. When the sweet taste melted in her mouth, her mood became much better.

    After that, she advised herself not to fret over it and stop thinking about it. If she could not figure out the reason, then she should stop thinking about it. After all, Bo Junyan definitely did not have an affair. It was not worth it for her to be upset over such a photo.

    She was still unable to get in touch with Bo Junyan today, but Ling Wei was already glamorously gracing the lectern. This made her even more sure that he had something important to do. He was so busy that he didn't have the time to call her. She really didn't have to feel upset at all!

    She had to control her emotions and not let them control her rationality. She had to appear sad and upset as the enemy wished.

    As she walked, she worked hard to bolster her heart. Finally, when she reached her doorstep, she was mentally prepared. However, when she saw the situation at home...

    Her initially solid mental state collapsed!

    Because she saw it.

    Ling Wei was actually at her house, and she was even ordering the butler around. Behind her were two middle-aged women who looked like servants. She was even wearing home slippers, as though this was her home!

    Mu Huan's eyes instantly darkened. Her chest was burning with anger, and it quickly engulfed her entire body!

    The butler, who was recording Ling Wei's instructions with his head lowered, looked up and saw that Mu Huan had returned. He immediately put away his pen and notebook and walked toward Mu Huan. "Madam, you're back."

    Ling Wei frowned slightly at his behavior, but she did not say anything.

    The angrier Mu Huan was, the less she would reveal herself. She looked at the butler and said innocently, "Butler, is my husband bankrupt and wants to sell the house?"

    Huo Yuqi, who was standing next to Ling Wei, became furious when she heard this. What did she mean by her cousin going bankrupt?! How could her cousin go bankrupt?! Just as she was about to say something, the butler said in all seriousness, "Madam, Master did not go bankrupt. He's not selling the house."

    "Then why is there a stranger at my place? What did she ask you to note down? Didn't she ask you to remember that our belongings needed to be taken away?" Mu Huan asked curiously.

    "Madam, let me introduce you. This is Ms. Ling Wei. Master's grandfather has instructed that Ms. Ling will be staying here for a few days."

    When Mu Huan heard this, she looked enlightened. Then, she looked at Ling Wei and asked, "Ms. Ling, why do you want to stay at my place for a few days? Do you not have the money to stay in a hotel or something?"

    When Huo Yuqi heard this, she could no longer hold it in. "Mu Huan, why are you pretending to be muddle-headed?! And how can my Sister Ling Wei not have the money to stay in a hotel?! My Sister Ling Wei's family is on par with Cousin's!"

    When Mu Huan heard those words, her expression became even more perplexed. "Since you're so rich and can just buy a house and live as you please, why can't Ms. Ling just stay in a hotel?"

    "Mu Huan, don't pretend to be stupid! I don't believe that you don't know why. You'd better..." Huo Yuqi did not get to finish speaking.

    She was stopped by Ling Wei. "Xiao Qi."

    She didn't know how Huo Yuqi managed to get to this age yet still not have a brain. Mu Huan, who was the same age, had suffered a disappointment last night. After today's events, she had been letting her imagination run wild all day, and her thoughts were tormenting her. And now, she had to deal with Ling Wei's appearance at her house.
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