422 Causing Trouble

    "I've already decided not to..." Before she could finish speaking, Bo Junyan kissed her.

    After a while, he finally let go of her.

    He said overbearingly, "From now on, you can only say that you like me!"

    "You don't even like me, and you're still saying that I'm being unreasonable!" Mu Huan cried out in grievance.

    His nonsense really hurt her heart.

    Mu Huan was someone who, whether it was her friend or the person she liked, once she had feelings for them, would be sincere.

    "I'm sorry, don't cry. It was my fault earlier. I wasn't thorough enough. Don't cry. Be good..." Bo Junyan said as he went to kiss her.

    Initially, he thought that he would be able to return the favor he owed after letting Ling Wei stay for a while. It was a good way to end things with her. He didn't expect his wife to be jealous and upset. It was because he didn't understand her thoughts that he made her suffer.

    "You're not allowed to say 'be good' again! I don't want to be good!" Mu Huan could not bear to hear the words "be good" anymore.

    "Alright, it's fine if you're not obedient, you can do whatever you want in the future," Bo Junyan coaxed.

    "Can I make a scene and make Ling Wei leave?" Mu Huan looked up.

    Bo Junyan thought about it and asked, "Can we let her stay until tomorrow?"

    "Will you ask her to leave tomorrow?"


    "Didn't you say that she needs to stay at our house for something important? Since it's so important and so necessary, is it alright for you to ask her to leave tomorrow?"

    "I wanted to buy the villa next door just now and then open it. If we have her move in there tomorrow, it can still be considered that she's staying at our house. However, she'll only be using our house's main entrance and won't eat with us. I'll definitely keep a distance from her. Do you think you can accept this?" Bo Junyan had never asked Mu Huan for her opinion in the past, and back then, he would have felt that this was the greatest concession he could make. But now, he was asking for and wanted to hear her opinion.

    "Can't we let her stay away completely?" Mu Huan said sullenly.

    "I owe Ling Wei a favor from before. If we want to settle this matter with her, it'll take at most half a month. The matter involving her will then be settled. Half a month from now, we'll be able to make her stay away from us completely," Bo Junyan said.

    When Mu Huan heard him say that he was doing this for the sake of returning a favor, she immediately stopped objecting. A debt of gratitude was the hardest to repay. If it could be done, it had to be done. Half a month-she had to bear with it! "You were the one who said that you'll get her to stay away from us in half a month! I don't care if she has any ulterior motives or not. I'll just suffer her presence. I can bear with it for your sake for half a month, but that's it."

    Bo Junyan was about to say "good" when he suddenly recalled that his wife didn't like the word "good." Hence, he said, "Okay."

    Mu Huan immediately broke into a wide smile. "I love you, Hubby!"

    Bo Junyan did not speak and only kissed her.

    At this moment, next door.

    "Sister Ling Wei, look at how arrogant that Mu Huan is! She actually dared to point at my cousin's nose and scold him!" Huo Yuqi was still furious as she recalled how Mu Huan had behaved earlier.

    Ling Wei did not speak.

    "Tell me, why would she dare to be so arrogant? What right does she have to be that way?" Huo Yuqi couldn't understand why Mu Huan dared to do this! She shouldn't have dared to!

    Ling Wei: "..."

    Why? It must be because someone doted on her so much that she could dare to do that. If Bo Junyan didn't dote on her, how would she have the gall?

    "That Mu Huan is really good at acting. She's so arrogant toward us, but she's very obedient in front of my cousin. She's even good at coaxing him. I wonder if he'll end up being coaxed by her until he really doesn't want us to stay here." Huo Yuqi was very worried.
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