424 Youre the Best 1

    Ling Wei looked at him and smiled. "Bo Junyan, you're a really good man now."

    "By the way, there's one more thing. From now on, you can only come in and out of our house. Don't come over to my house for food or anything. If you have nothing to do, you don't have to come over. If you have something to see, you can decide on what to do yourself. If you can use your phone, don't come over," Bo Junyan said.

    Ling Wei: "..."

    "Bo Junyan, aren't you being too much?" How could he say such things for Mu Huan's sake?

    "As someone with a family, I have to be more careful. Even if you don't mean anything to me, the little one cares and she'll feel upset. I have to keep a distance from you." He had to keep his promise to his wife.

    "You haven't changed at all. You're especially loyal to your lover."

    In the past, when they were dating, he would never spare another glance at other women. It was just that she did not know he could be this good of a man in the past. Now that she understood, was it too late?

    He doted on Mu Huan so much.

    She shouldn't have hesitated for so long before deciding to return.

    "I've already arranged for the staff over there. A butler is present as well. If you need anything, just let him know."

    "Okay." Ling Wei lowered her head and went to drink coffee.

    "I have a meeting to attend. Take your time to drink." Bo Junyan stood up and left.

    Ling Wei was still drinking her coffee and did not look up at him.

    It was no wonder that Bo Junyan was so sure that Ling Wei had no ulterior motives toward him.

    After Bo Junyan had left, Ling Wei looked out of the window.

    Although she was a little late, Ling Wei had never failed to get what she wanted.

    This Mu Huan was interesting, and she had quite a few tricks up her sleeves. It was interesting to see how many rounds she could last.

    Know-All Agency...

    "What the f*ck! Your husband was once a surgeon!" Li Meng was shocked beyond belief.

    "Now that we know he occasionally operates on important people, it's obvious that he's a genius doctor!" The expression on Wu Xingye's face was indeed for a genius. There was no way an ordinary person like them could compare!

    "Of course, my husband is a genius at everything!" Mu Huan said proudly.

    "Didn't you say yesterday not to call him God Bo? But he's one of a kind!" Li Meng said sourly.

    "He's still human. Am I wrong?" Mu Huan snorted.

    Li Meng immediately said, "You're the boss. Whatever you say is right!"

    "Alright, that's enough. I asked you to come here today to seek your opinions," Mu Huan said seriously.

    "What's the matter?" Li Meng and Wu Xingye asked in unison.

    "If even Long Feiting got a hold on me, I think it's even easier for Ling Wei to catch me. The last thing I need right now is to have someone use me against me. Hence, I want to quit. From now on, I won't take on any assignments. If I don't take on jobs in the future, I'm afraid that the two of you will be in danger. So, I want to ask the two of you if you want to quit. Let's do something else.

    "Xingye and I won quite a lot in T Country last time. I think we can use this money to do some business. If we do well, we should earn more money than we do here. There wouldn't be such a huge risk. What do you think?"

    "Do we still need to consider it?! You've always been the boss and you have the final say. We'll do whatever you say and we'll follow you!" Li Meng said as she hugged her arm.

    "We'll do whatever you want!" Wu Xingye added.
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