425 Youre the Best 2

    The two of them had been taking orders from Mu Huan to earn money. If she were to quit, they definitely wouldn't be able to take on those risky assignments. If they couldn't take on those assignments, they basically wouldn't be able to earn much money. It was indeed better that they start doing business.

    "I don't have much of an opinion about doing business. I've been very busy recently as well. Other than the experiment I've been doing, I still have to participate in the school's research project with Professor Lin. Although I'm only to be an assistant there, I'll have a lot of opportunities to study. I have to grasp this opportunity well. Hence, the two of you can think about what we're doing and head to the market. Once you've decided, let me know. I'll ask my current business boss. If he says that it's possible, then we'll do it. When that time comes, Xingye and I'll pay for it. Xiao Meng, you can just send someone out." If Mu Huan were to work with Li Meng and the rest, there was no need to hide anything from Bo Junyan.

    In fact, she'd even ask him for his advice and ask him to help them with their business. After all, this was their first time doing this, and with his help, they could avoid losing money.

    When Wu Xingye and Li Meng heard that they could get Bo Junyan to oversee their business, they immediately became excited. With a big boss like Bo Junyan to give them pointers, this business would definitely be lucrative and profitable! "Xiao Huan, go ahead and do your work. We'll go and see what business we could get into!"

    "Alright, let's clean up this place today, then." Mu Huan had always been a person of action, so after she thought this matter through, she immediately ended it.

    This was to avoid future trouble.

    When she said she was going to fight, the two of them immediately started fighting with her.

    After packing up, Mu Huan invited the two of them for afternoon tea.

    "Xiao Huan, have you come up with a plan?" Li Meng looked at Mu Huan.

    "What plan? Business plan?"

    "No, a plan to deal with your powerful love rival." Her Xiao Huan had always liked to come up with plans in advance. Now that they knew Ling Wei was so strong, Li Meng had no idea how Mu Huan planned to deal with her.


    Mu Huan's answer did not make Li Meng and Wu Xingye look at her in surprise. After all, she liked to make arrangements beforehand.

    "Bo Junyan said that Ling Wei has a boyfriend, so she definitely has no ulterior motives toward him. Until now, Ling Wei hasn't done anything. It's just that the person who wants the two of them to be together is taking action." She'd only said before that Ling Wei had ulterior motives toward Bo Junyan and it made Bo Junyan feel that she was unreasonable. What more if she took the initiative to attack?

    "What? Ling Wei has a boyfriend?" Li Meng was shocked. How was this possible?

    Even someone as stupid as her could feel Ling Wei's indescribable feelings toward Xiao Huan in the auditorium. How could she have a boyfriend and suddenly not be Xiao Huan's love rival?

    "Uh-huh. Bo Junyan also said that he had met her boyfriend before and that he had a good relationship with him. Hence, he was very sure that Ling Wei had no ulterior motives toward him and told me not to cause trouble. If I did something, he would definitely be unhappy and feel that I don't trust him. Hence, I don't need to do anything." Mu Huan's heart ached at the thought of his unreasonable words.

    Not knowing what else to say, Li Meng could only say, "F*ck!"

    "Do you want me to investigate Ling Wei and her boyfriend?" Wu Xingye felt that Mu Huan's enemy this time was too formidable.

    "There's no need for that. I don't need to do anything, let alone the two of you. Besides, with Ling Wei's capabilities, if you were to investigate her, you would only be giving her a chance," Mu Huan said.

    "Is it possible she won't do anything? She's obviously coming at us aggressively! She went to your house right away!"
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