427 Youre the Best 4

    From the moment Ling Wei was born until now, she had gotten everything she wanted. Even if it was something that others thought was impossible in the past, she had gotten it. Hence, she felt that it was nothing even if Bo Junyan doted on Mu Huan.

    Things that were difficult were interesting. It was meaningless to be able to get something so easily.

    "It's good that you think so."


    When Mu Huan returned home, Bo Junyan and Ling Wei were sitting in the living room, talking about something. The two of them were still quite close to each other, which made her good mood instantly disappear. Sometimes, people were like this. Even though she knew that there was nothing between them, she still could not control her emotions.

    Right then, Ling Wei, who had her head lowered and was looking at something, did not speak. She only extended her hand and Bo Junyan handed her a pen.

    The tacit understanding between the two made Mu Huan even more depressed.

    "Look, isn't this scene where my Sister Ling Wei and Cousin are together special? Also, don't the two of them have special chemistry?" Huo Yuqi appeared behind her.

    Mu Huan made to step forward without a word.

    However, Huo Yuqi grabbed her and said, "Don't disturb my cousin. They have something important to discuss. Also, don't you think it's very unharmonious for you to get involved in such a beautiful scene? Won't you look like a third party?"

    Mu Huan turned to look at Huo Yuqi. "Are you out of your mind? Bo Junyan and I are legally married. He's my husband!"

    Wasn't Huo Yuqi stupid to say that she looked like a third party?!

    "In this world, only the one who is not loved is the third party." Huo Yuqi firmly believed that true love was the king. A marriage certificate was just a piece of paper.

    "Have you packed your things?" Mu Huan suddenly asked.

    Huo Yuqi said instinctively, "They've been moved over."

    "I've already chased all of you out, and you're still saying that I'm the one who's not loved. Am I the third party, Huo Yuqi? There's a limit to how low one's IQ can be. You're really making everyone worry about your future!" Mu Huan really felt that Huo Yuqi was a fool.

    "Since you're a fool, you should study more. If you have nothing to do, you should read more books to make up for your inborn shortcomings. Don't come to me like a fly buzzing."

    Huo Yuqi's expression instantly turned ugly. Earlier, her cousin had said that she was stupid and wanted her to study more, but now, it was Mu Huan who'd said that! "Mu Huan, you..."

    Just as she was about to say something, Mu Huan flung her aside and walked forward. "Hubby, what are you busy with?"

    As she spoke, she squeezed herself into Bo Junyan's embrace and sat on his lap, displacing all the things in his hands.

    However, Bo Junyan didn't get angry at all. Instead, he lowered his head and kissed her. "I'm looking at the post-op results of the patient from yesterday."

    "Oh," Mu Huan replied. "Then will I be distracting you by sitting here? Do I need to get up?"

    Although she said that, she did not seem to have any intention of moving.

    Bo Junyan couldn't help but laugh. The little lass was being too jealous. How could he guarantee that she would stay like this? He liked it when she was behaving this way.

    "I won't be distracted," Bo Junyan said as he picked up the medical record that she had swept out of the way. Then, he looked at Ling Wei and said, "Let's continue."

    Ling Wei: "..."

    In the past, whenever Bo Junyan was working, he would not allow anyone to get close to him. But now, despite how Mu Huan had swept aside the things in his hands, he even kissed her.

    This person had changed too much.

    It turned out that he was capable of changing.

    Ling Wei was stunned for a few seconds. Very quickly, she returned to normal and pretended that Mu Huan didn't exist as she discussed the patient's post-operative situation with Bo Junyan.

    To be honest, Mu Huan admired Ling Wei.
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