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    But when she heard Bo Junyan's words, she realized that it was Bo Junyan's cousin who was treating Ling Wei to a meal. If she didn't go, not only would she make things difficult for Ling Wei, but she would also make things difficult for Bo Junyan's cousin.

    She knew that Bo Junyan was someone who valued his family. He was always one to indulge her, and if she really didn't like something, he wouldn't force her into doing it. But if she didn't go now, it would make Bo Junyan look bad.

    Realizing that she had made a mistake, Mu Huan immediately apologized, "I'm sorry, Hubby. I didn't think it through earlier. I've never had social relationships like yours since I was young, so I don't have the same ideas you do. I'll definitely be more careful in the future!"

    Bo Junyan smiled and said, "It's fine. I won't make you go if possible. If it's compulsory, just go over and show your face. That will smooth things out for everyone."

    His wife was still young, so she naturally didn't know much about the ways of the world. What's more, she didn't have a doting family. It was no wonder she was like this.

    "Thank you, Hubby." Mu Huan wrapped her arms around his neck, so touched that her eyes almost turned red.

    He valued his family so much that he wouldn't force her to do anything. She was so insensible, yet he was still so understanding toward her.

    Bo Junyan gave her a kiss and said, "Be good and go change."

    Because Bo Junyan had very strict requirements for Mu Huan's attire, he would never let her wear anything that was sexy, revealing, or looked especially dazzling.

    Hence, when Mu Huan, Ling Wei, and Huo Yuqi gathered in the living room to head to the Gu residence...

    Mu Huan was the most ordinary one among the three of them.

    Mu Huan felt really stifled when she saw that the others were dressed so brightly and beautifully, but she was the only one who was wearing something that covered her entire body tightly and did not reveal her figure at all!

    She was especially miffed when she saw that Ling Wei really knew how to dress up. The makeup that she chose simply suited her very much. It magnified her strength so much that Mu Huan couldn't help but want to say, Wow! So beautiful!

    Then she thought about herself again.

    Mu Huan felt like her heart was about to explode!

    However, at this moment, Huo Yuqi looked at her with a look of disdain. "You old fart!"

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    Was she the one who chose to look so drab?! Was she?!

    Every time she went to the Gu residence, Bo Junyan would not allow her to pick her clothes! He was the one who chose them for her! Today, she had thought that since Ling Wei was going as well, she wanted to make the decision herself. She wanted to pick out the most beautiful clothes out of the few she owned that did not show her figure, but Bo Junyan had forced her to wear this!

    She was depressed too!

    After Ling Wei ended the call, she turned around and looked at them.

    When she met her gaze, Mu Huan felt even more depressed than before!

    "Let's go." Bo Junyan reached out to put his arm around Mu Huan's waist as he walked out. However, Mu Huan was in a bad mood and avoided his hand in a huff.

    Bo Junyan thought that she was throwing a tantrum because she was unhappy. He reached out to hug her waist again and whispered into her ear, "Let's come back early later."

    When Mu Huan heard this, her heart sank even more! Did she simply not want to go? Did she only want to come back earlier? She was disgusted with her clothes that looked ugly!

    Usually, it didn't matter if she was the only one dressed like this. But now, compared to the others, she was really...!

    She, Mu Huan, had never lost to anyone. Now...

    It was a good thing that Ling Wei was not in the same car as Mu Huan and the rest. Otherwise, if she were to quietly compare herself to them in this narrow and small space, she would really have a breakdown!

    After they got into the car.

    Mu Huan hugged Bo Junyan's arm and called out delicately, "Hubby..."
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