430 Youre the Best 7

    Bo Junyan looked at her. He did not know why Mu Huan, who was still throwing a tantrum before getting into the car, would suddenly act like a spoiled child the moment she got into the car.

    "Next time I go out and have to put on nice clothes, can you let me choose what to wear?" Mu Huan said obsequiously.

    "What's wrong?"

    "A man's taste in clothes is a little different from a woman's. Although the clothes you chose are good-looking, they're not a very popular style among girls. It's especially noticeable when I'm going out with someone else. Don't you think that Ling Wei and Huo Yuqi are better-looking than I am?"

    "No," Bo Junyan said.

    "How can you not see that?! The two of them..."

    "You look good this way. You look better than every woman combined," Bo Junyan said seriously as he looked at her.

    Mu Huan: "...!!!"

    His flirting was so sudden that she was utterly defeated!

    "But, Hubby..."

    "You don't have to worry too much about other people's gazes. You just have to think about my gaze. I think you look really good and I like you very much," Bo Junyan said again.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    What else could she say?! What else was there for her to say?!

    "Hubby..." She fell into his embrace weakly.

    "Be good..." Bo Junyan lowered his head and kissed her.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Alright, as long as her husband liked it.

    When she arrived at the Gu residence, Mu Huan realized that even Lin Qingya, a pregnant lady, was dressed more stylishly than she was.

    This made her feel stifled for a while.

    Lin Qingya was especially happy today. All along, she had wanted Mu Huan to be in a pitiful state, but Mu Huan was always very lucky. It hadn't been easy for Lin Qingya to get close to Gu Chenyi, but Mu Huan became her aunt-in-law. Moreover, Bo Junyan doted on her so much that she didn't even dare to find trouble with her, let alone touch her. She felt terrible watching her being so happy and pampered every day!

    Now, the heavens had finally opened their eyes! They had sent such a powerful person like Ling Wei to torture Mu Huan!

    Lin Qingya and Mrs. Gu had seen the newspaper from yesterday. When Mrs. Gu saw it, she said emotionally, "Oh, Xiao Huan. She's in trouble now."

    This made Lin Qingya feel that there was something going on, so she asked Mrs. Gu what trouble she was in.

    After that, she learned a lot about Ling Wei and the Bo family from Mrs. Gu. She knew how outstanding Ling Wei was and how much the Bos liked Ling Wei. This was especially so for Bo Junyan's grandfather, who especially liked Ling Wei and wanted her to be with Bo Junyan.

    The cover of the newspaper was most likely the doing of Bo Junyan's grandfather.

    She was born into such a good family, and her looks were obviously pretty just by looking at her side profile. She had grown up with Bo Junyan and had a good relationship with his parents. Furthermore, she was a love rival who was especially supported by the Bos. Mu Huan was really going to suffer!

    When she saw how beautiful Ling Wei was as she got out of the car and walked toward them, Lin Qingya was so happy that her heart trembled!

    Just by looking at the side profile in the newspaper and listening to Mrs. Gu's description, Lin Qingya knew that Ling Wei was a beautiful woman. But she didn't expect her to be so beautiful!

    She was so beautiful that she couldn't help but feel jealous and ashamed of herself!

    This was especially so when Ling Wei exuded a strong aura that was similar to Bo Junyan's. It made one subconsciously feel inferior to her!

    Such a king-like existence!

    Mu Huan was really done for!

    And right now was a good example. When they got out of the car, everyone was looking at Ling Wei, and no one was paying attention to Mu Huan. Furthermore, looking at Mu Huan's attire, she felt that it was like heaven and earth compared to Ling Wei's!
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