462 A Surprise 3

    In order to show its fairness, the school held an academic debate. All pharmaceutical students who felt that they could do it could participate. The top three students who won in the end could join this medical research project.

    At the start of the debate, everyone started from the bottom and fought their way up, which eliminated a large number of participants. In the last round, there were only ten people left. Mu Huan and the other two Ph.D. students were among them.

    The final academic debate was held in the school's hall. In order for all of them to be convinced, all the students from the pharmaceutical faculty had to participate in this debate.

    The final judges were all of the experts participating in this scientific research. Ling Wei was one of them.

    She was dressed in an elegant purple suit today. The purple color was mysterious and noble, and it made her look even more elegant. As soon as she walked into the hall, everyone's attention was drawn away. She was like a natural spotlight that was dazzling and outstanding, making it impossible for anyone to take their eyes off of her. In front of her, people could not help but feel inferior.

    After she sat down, a faint smile formed on her face. She was waiting for Mu Huan to go on stage. Their head-to-head this time would be in an academic debate. She had asked Bo Junyan's grandfather to influence the students' public opinion. She wanted to see how strong Mu Huan was. If Mu Huan was not strong enough, then she would be defeated directly. It would be good enough if she were to be embarrassed here.

    And just like what Mu Huan had said, it wasn't that she wanted to compete with Ling Wei; it was just that Ling Wei and Bo Junyan's grandfather had deliberately created such an atmosphere. Manipulating public opinion, influencing people, and getting them to compare Mu Huan and Ling Wei together. Ling Wei wanted Mu Huan to look at her, who was better in all aspects, and feel that she would never be able to catch up. Mu Huan would end up feeling inferior and upset, and would eventually retreat.

    That Ling Wei would return to the country to participate in Yun University's research project was, indeed, because Mu Huan was here.

    However, Mu Huan had never known what it meant to retreat when faced with difficulties. After a brief bout of jealousy from losing her rationality, she realized that she shouldn't be in such a passive state all the time. She couldn't let others compare her to Ling Wei every day and make everyone say that she was the mud on the ground. Under such public opinion, she'd slowly feel that she couldn't win.

    She wanted to retaliate. She wanted everyone to know that she, Mu Huan, wasn't made of mud on the ground! Most importantly, she wanted to be the one to influence public opinion and let the people who wanted her to retreat know that she, Mu Huan, had never known what it meant to back down! She would only climb higher and higher!

    The reason she had asked Bo Junyan for more leniency was for today. If she hadn't done it, she would not be able to shock everyone!

    Just like what she had said to Bo Junyan previously, she could not compete with Ling Wei in terms of family background, academic qualifications, and age. It was impossible for Mu Huan to reach that height in an instant. Hence, she could only compete in this aspect first.

    Oh, and she had to thank the other party for creating such a debate meeting and giving her a chance to showcase her talent.

    Even if she couldn't reach Ling Wei's level yet, she would let everyone know that she was tomorrow's star and her future was unpredictable!

    She, Mu Huan, had to appear as good-looking, talented, and brilliant as she was! She was definitely not a pushover!

    Bo Junyan also attended this academic debate as a school professor.

    Mu Huan had always been an influential figure in the school. The students were all familiar with her, and most of them knew what she looked like. Hence, everyone was here to watch the academic debate and Goddess Ling's beauty.

    No one had expected that they would be stunned by Mu Huan and forget about Ling Wei's existence.
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