56 The Man from That Year

    Moreover, her birthday banquet was coming up soon. She should be the envy of everyone, but look at what happened now? She became a laughingstock, instead. She was now the joke of the year!

    She could turn a blind eye to her wanton daughter-in-law, but it had now evolved to the stage where her granddaughter was found fighting with her own mother over a gigolo!

    Talks about the mother-daughter pair sharing the same man were too disgusting to be repeated!

    "Mom!" Bai Xuexian turned aghast at the command from the old woman.

    If they were to be banished overseas, this would be the end of the rest of their lives!

    "If you don't want to go abroad, then check yourselves in to a monastery and never return home!" If not for how this woman had borne her a grandson to continue the Mu's legacy, she would have ended her life, right there and then!

    "Mom..." the middle-aged lady was about to say something more.

    With a wave of her hand, the elderly lady got her henchmen to hurl the mother-daughter pair away from her sight. She really did not want to see them again; if she did, she might just strangle them both for real.

    A while after the women were booted off, Matriarch Mu's son saw that her temper had simmered down somewhat and he gingerly approached the old lady again.

    "Mom, don't be angry anymore. Although Kexin could not marry Bao Junyan, Xiao Huan is still married to him. As long as we treat her granny well, she'll do whatever we say. Besides, she's much smarter than Kexin. If Kexin were to marry Bao Junyan, she would definitely not be as useful to us as her sister."

    Mu Dongsheng himself would prefer to have the older sister to stay married to the man instead. Mu Huan was smart, and she was able to accomplish whatever they wanted her to do. He only agreed to have the younger girl marry the man because of his mother's insistence.

    "You fool! Do you think I don't know that the older sister is smarter and the younger one is of no use? What do you think I want to achieve by having Kexin marry Bao Junyan?" Her temper flared up once again at the sight of her son's stupidity.

    The man was stunned, however. "If you don't have any hope for Kexin in the first place, then what are you doing this for?"

    Is she doing this for the sake of her youngest granddaughter?

    Please don't say that, I won't believe you.

    "This is for your son's sake! The heir to the Bao family must come from his biological sister!" Although the matriarch knew that Mu Kexin was of little use to them, she still wanted her to get married to Bao Junyan so she could bear an heir for the Bao family. This was why she spent so much effort in creating this opportunity.

    This would protect the Mus' stake in the long run. She might be able to control Mu Huan for the time being. However, once her granny was gone, the girl would break loose from their control, never mind expecting her to protect the interests of her precious grandson!

    She did not force Kexin to stay on at the matchmaking ceremony because she knew the young woman did not have the qualities necessary to be selected. Her older sister was prettier and smarter than her, with a much higher chance of being chosen. This was why she'd forced Mu Huan to attend the event.

    But she totally did not expect the man from that year to be Bao Junyan's father!

    Hence, she believed that Mu Huan was chosen because of Bao Junyan's father. If this was the case, then Mu Kexin stood an equal chance of becoming the daughter-in-law of the Bao family, too.

    She had spent a lot of effort to swap their status, only to... end up in this way!

    The plan had to be abandoned completely! How could she tolerate that?! How could she not be mad and, in fact, be so mad that she was about to murder someone?!

    Mu Dongsheng: "..."


    The hot pot store at Jingchuan Four Palaces was renowned in Yun Cheng. The queue for a table was so long that one could wait for more than two hours even during the hot summer season.

    Mu Huan used to work here part-time and knew the manager well. Hence, she got a queue number way ahead of the crowd. Once they reached the restaurant, they were given a table immediately. It was a good seating, next to the full-length window.

    "Xiao Huan, I now realize you had foresight when you chose to work part-time at eateries and restaurants! No matter how popular that place may be, we always have priority without the need to queue whenever we follow you!" Li Meng commented admiringly.
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