59 Little Wifey

    Hence, this girl, who never once shared the food she took for herself, passed the man the meat on her plate.

    "Hubby, try the meat I got for you." She picked up a piece and was placing it on his plate when she suddenly recalled the list of pointers the butler had passed to her on the second day of her marriage. One of the items highlighted was that he found the hot pot at restaurants to be unhygienic and would never go for a hot pot meal.

    She immediately apologized, "Sorry, Hubby, I forgot you don't eat hot pot."

    Her friends were rather stunned to hear that. Are there people in the world who reject hot pot?

    Just when she was about to retrieve the meat from his plate, he got ahead of her to pick up that piece of meat and put it in his mouth.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Li Meng: "..."

    Wu Xingye: "..."

    He doesn't eat hot pot, was it?

    Now that the man had made the first move to eat the food cooked in the hot pot, she was caught in a fix and did not know if she should continue to serve him food.

    He doesn't like hot pot, right? Now that he's having food from the hot pot, what should I do next?

    "Hubby, how do you find the food?" she decided to probe in the end.

    "Not bad."

    Thinking that he wanted more when he approved of the food, she asked the service staff to bring a few more pairs of chopsticks and indicated to her friends to use these chopsticks to pick the food from the hot pot instead for hygiene purposes.

    Despite this, the man did not show any indication of wanting to eat from the hot pot on his own.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Does he want to eat or not?

    If he's not eating, then I can have my share, quick!

    Hence, to test his reaction, she gingerly placed another piece of meat on his plate, which he obligingly took again.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    Is he eating only what I serve?

    Is he doing this on purpose because he is upset at being addressed as a 30-year-old hag just now?

    If so, then she could only serve him as he wished.

    In the end, she continued to feed him with nice food.

    Her two friends were gloating as they watched her serve her husband as a little wifey. In the past, she would fight it out with anyone who dared to snatch her food. Now, all she could do was to pass these delectable meat pieces to the man, which she could have kept for herself!

    And then they made a public display of their own enjoyment with the food in front of her.

    This was rubbing salt to the wound!

    Mu Huan: "..."

    She felt like punching someone!

    Reckoning that the man would not want his wife to foot the bill herself, Wu Xingye took the opportunity to order more. "Xiao Huan, the attendant told me that the abalone was fresh and a rare catch. It would be delicious. Why don't we order some to try?"

    Mu Huan: "..."

    "Their four-gilled perch is especially fresh, too. I want to order that as well!" Li Meng quipped.

    "Oh, I just saw the lobsters fresh and alive!" The boy added another item.

    Mu Huan: "Are you here for the hot pot?"

    The beef and mutton slices are good enough for hot pot! What are they doing now? Not only are they going for seafood, but they are even ordering the most expensive items on the menu!

    "This restaurant is famous for their seafood hot pot!"

    "That's right! That's right! Their seafood is especially fresh and delicious. Didn't you salivate at the sight of their abalone previously?" Her buddy decided to dig it in further.

    Mu Huan: "..."

    How despicable can both of you get?!

    Before she could say anything, Wu Xingye signaled the attendant over for more orders.

    The wild abalone cost a few hundred yuan for one while the fish cost about the same as well. With their big appetites, they had unabashedly ordered a few of each in one go. In the end, it was the Boston lobster that came up to be the cheapest.

    She glared at them, but alas, her look of anger was lost on the two of them.
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