73 Did Not Give Household Allowance?

    Finally, like a poor person acting from courage borne of evil, Mu Huan said callously, "I am actually very good at playing games. I would like to accept Mr. Gong's reward offer!"

    As she had been gritting her teeth and had decided on this callously, her voice was a little louder than normal.

    The cold atmosphere quietened down as everyone looked at her.

    Terrified, Mu Huan shriveled further into Bao Junyan's embrace. "That... I... I..."

    "Sister-in-law is good at playing games?" Gong Zeye was utterly surprised that the quiet and obedient Mu Huan would suddenly say that she was good at games and wanted to accept the reward offer!

    "Nowadays... students are really good at playing games." Mu Huan smiled awkwardly.

    Gong Zeye nodded. "That's true."

    The main market for gaming was the students.

    "Then, sister-in-law, help me play a round and chop this player up!"

    Hearing this, Mu Huan turned her head to look at Bao Junyan.

    Bao Junyan's dark eyes were serene and deep as always, not allowing her to figure him out.

    Just as she was about to say something, Bao Junyan extended his hand toward Gong Zeye.

    Gong Zeye instantly handed the phone to him.

    Bao Junyan received it and passed the phone to Mu Huan. "Play it."

    Mu Huan took the phone and hesitated for a moment before looking at Gong Zeye. "If I manage to chop this player up, you'll give me a hundred thousand yuan?"

    She was taking a huge risk in accepting this reward offer. She needed to clarify and confirm the reward!

    "If sister-in-law can cut him down, I will give you 200,000 yuan!" Gong Zeye said heroically.

    Mu Huan smiled promptly and replied, "Alright!"

    Everyone else remained silent.

    It seemed like their sister-in-law was short of money.

    Was their Brother Bao not giving her any household allowance?

    At that moment, everyone looked at Bao Junyan.

    Bao Junyan: "..."

    Right at this moment...

    "Do I just have to cut him down, and that's it? Do you want him to get the entire server to beg you to let him off?" Mu Huan felt that taking 200,000 dollars from someone was too easy if all she had to do was chop one person up. She needed to provide a little more service.

    "Get the entire server to beg me to let him off?"

    "Yes, ask him to get the entire world in-game to shout and beg for you to let him off, then make him avoid you if he ever sees you again in the future," Mu Huan said.

    Gong Zeye looked at Mu Huan in surprise. Even if a quiet, obedient, and virtuous lady like his sister-in-law played video games, shouldn't she be playing them gently? Like how she spoke sweetly when they were playing cards earlier, saying things like "I do not know how to play," "help me," and whatnot?

    It was already unexpected to hear her say that she would chop someone up, but now, she was even saying she would make them beg to be let off...!

    "Okay!" He wanted to see how his sister-in-law would make someone beg to be let off.

    Mu Huan gestured an "ok" sign with her hand and began to play.

    Everyone surrounded Mu Huan seamlessly as they wanted to see how their obedient and quiet little sister-in-law would chop another player up. Although it was just a game, hearing the term "chop" made it sound so violent and aggressive!

    A video game maniac like Gong Zeye was unable to do it. Could their small, quiet, and obedient sister-in-law succeed?

    In the game world...

    World's Most Handsome was online.

    The corners of Mu Huan's lips tugged up into a smile when she saw Gong Zeye's player username.

    Flower Woods: "You still dare to come online? Are you not satisfied enough by being chopped up? Do you want to die a few more times?"

    Gong Zeye was furious when he saw the dialogue comment. "That's him, that's the one who keeps chasing after me to chop me up!"

    "Oh." Mu Huan controlled the character and walked toward him silently, destroying the user in three moves.

    Gong Zeye: "..."

    They used the same equipment, the same character rank, yet he was constantly killed while she destroyed the enemy with just three moves!

    Couldn't she give them a chance to live?!
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