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    As the crowd had seen Mu Huan playing the game so well earlier, as well as how she was aggressive and threatening, they found that this did not match her image. But after hearing her words, they believed they must have been overthinking it.

    The stress of entrance exams was intense, especially since their sister-in-law was not favored at home. She'd had to rely on herself and score well to have a way out. Therefore, she definitely studied hard. With that high level of stress, this little lady could only use games to relax.

    Now that they thought about it, there were many people right now who were restricted in many ways in their lives, and they could go wild only in video games. Therefore, Mu Huan seemed more normal now and no one else continued to ponder over it.

    Bao Junyan stroked Mu Huan's head affectionately.

    The wealthy daughters who were similar to his wife knew only how to fool around and shop all day. If he was to put it nicely, they did go overseas to study. However, they mostly had to spend money in order to study abroad. On the other hand, his wife scored first and entered Yun University, one of the few local universities in the country. She really had a great drive.

    Mu Huan did not know that that single sentence she'd said to salvage her image had crafted her into an encouraging figure to others, where she was a pitiful girl who was not favored. In order to stand out among her peers, she studied extremely hard. She reduced her stress by avidly playing video games, yet she was still able to score well.

    She was currently busy trying to steal the rare treasures in the treasure valley. Earlier, she was dying to head back to her room upstairs to get these treasures and trade them in for money.

    Now that Bao Junyan knew she played games and she had just added Gong Zeye as a friend on the video game, it was a waste to not try to attain the treasures!

    As a maxed-level character, Mu Huan was able to attain the rarest treasures even if her phone was a little slow.

    If she sold what she managed to get today, she could sell them for at least a few thousand. Thinking about the 200,000 yuan Gong Zeye mentioned earlier, she was beaming with joy in an instant.

    "Wow! Little sister-in-law, you managed to snatch so many incredible rare treasures!" Gong Zeye followed after Mu Huan when he saw her entering the treasure valley to steal the treasures, but while he'd gotten only one, Mu Huan had managed to get six.

    "Here, let me give you one." Mu Huan was generous today as she was in a good mood.

    "Thank you, sister-in-law. Next time, I am going to mingle with you. Please carry me and help me raise my level!"

    Mu Huan originally wanted to say yes, but when she thought about how Bao Junyan was here, she said, "I do not have that much time to play the game as we are starting school soon. There are many things I need to prepare."

    "When you have the time to play, please carry me!"


    "Today is the anniversary event. The game is giving double experience points. I heard that there will be a big boss later who will drop top-notch equipment when it is defeated. Sister-in-law, please carry me to fight the boss later."

    "No problem."

    Noticing how happy Mu Huan was playing with Gong Zeye, Bao Junyan placed her on the sofa to play while he went to join a discussion with the others over drinks.

    When he left, Mu Huan instantly felt extremely relaxed. She sat cross-legged on the couch, staring at her phone, displaying the qualities of an Internet-addicted maiden.

    The next morning.

    Mu Huan walked into the dining table and was a little surprised to see Bao Junyan. Normally, he would have already left for work at this time.

    "Morning, Hubby," she greeted him with a sweet smile.

    "Mm," Bao Junyan answered nonchalantly.

    Mu Huan felt that Bao Junyan was a good husband most of the time. But occasionally, like now, he would respond in a cold manner despite her enthusiastic greeting.

    However, this was also a good thing.

    It was best if the two of them remained unfamiliar with one another until they separate.

    After Mu Huan sat down, the butler placed a box in front of her and retreated.

    Mu Huan glanced at the box before raising her head to look at Bao Junyan.
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