88 A Bad Year

    "Young Master, why the sudden urge for her to be your bodyguard?" The manager just could not fathom it. Never mind that Young Master had developed an interest in the girl and wanted to call her up to take a good look at her after watching her win the competition, but why did he suddenly want her to become his bodyguard and refuse to give her the prize money?!

    "Since when have you had the right to come meddling in my affairs?" Long Feiting swept his cold eyes over him.

    The manager instantly fell silent.

    "Get lost!" He aimed a flying kick at the manager.


    When Li Meng saw Mu Huan coming down, she hastily walked over to her.

    "What's going on?"

    "D*mmit. Am I having a bad year?" Mu Huan found herself to be down on luck recently.

    Forget about the supposedly easy 200,000 yuan flying away, my hard-earned half a million is denied from me just like that! G*dd*mmit!

    "What's wrong?" asked her friends at the same time.

    "I don't know where this harebrained young master popped out from, but he suddenly wanted me to become his bodyguard and said that if I refused, he's not giving me that half a million. Really! I must've lived too long a life to be encountering such a thing!"

    "WTF! How can he do this?!" Li Meng was about to lose her temper.

    "Come, let's go find him! If he still refuses to pay you, we'll give him a thrashing!" As Wu Xingye spoke, he made a move to head upstairs.

    Mu Huan grabbed hold of him at once. "If that's possible, why would I be here empty-handed?"

    That half-witted young master had plenty of bodyguards around him, and she could tell that they were all highly skilled. Now that she was all injured and drained, if the two went up to pick a fight, it would pretty much equal to them courting their deaths.

    "What should we do, then? Are we just letting things slide?" Her two friends could not take this lying down.

    How could anyone refuse to give Xiao Huan her hard-earned prize money after she fought so desperately and got beaten to such a state?! Surely this is just absolutely lawless and unreasonable!

    "How can I let it slide just like that? Follow me." Mu Huan asked them to follow her, and the two immediately trailed after.

    And so, the trio arrived at the arena's staff carpark.

    Mu Huan swept her gaze around her before it eventually came to a stop at the most luxurious sports car there.

    "That's the harebrained young master's car."

    Li Meng: "It looks rather expensive."

    Wu Xingye: "It's a limited edition Lamborghini."

    Mu Huan's lips hooked up into a cold sneer. "Smash it!"

    Swallowing my half a million? Bullying me?


    After putting on gloves, the trio picked up the iron bars they had taken from the security office and dragged them forward before smashing them down hard on the car.

    Mu Huan was no saint. By hook or by crook, she would find a way to pay back double to whoever dared to bully her!

    And so, when Long Feiting saw the devastating state of his beloved car, he was instantly reminded of her last words, Don't regret this!

    "Find her! Find me that woman even if you have to dig her out from the ground!"

    How dare you touch my car?!

    See how I end your life!


    After Mu Huan boarded the car, she suddenly spat out blood.

    It totally scared her friends witless.

    "Xiao Huan!" Li Meng's voice was trembling.

    "I'm fine..." She extended a hand to comfort her.

    "What's fine?! You spat out blood! Didn't I tell you not to participate in such competitions? You just had to insist on it!" cried her female friend with red-rimmed eyes.

    Wu Xingye made a sharp turn and headed straight to a hospital.

    "No need for hospitals. I'm probably just overagitated such that my blood pressure rose." Despite how she had risked her life to participate in that competition, that imbecile actually refused to give her the prize money she'd won. Half a million! She truly felt that she had spat out blood from anger.

    "What overagitated?! Stop fooling around, you have to go to a hospital! Earlier, I saw that person landing several punches at your chest!"

    "I safeguarded the vital parts, so I'll be fin-" All of a sudden, she blacked out mid-sentence.
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