109 Who Is Scheming Against Whom? 10

    Just like this, a pure, unmarried maiden like Lin Qingya was no longer pure...

    It wasn't wrong to claim that Lin Qingya had been manipulative. She was indeed scheming. Previously, afraid that Mu Huan would take Gu Chenyi away if she found out that he had come over, she ran to tell Mu Huan that she had accidentally overheard Bai Xuexian's plan. Bai Xuexian wanted to drug Mu Huan and have her previous colleague at the bar to sully her. After waiting for Mu Huan to leave, she ran to the room to tell Gu Chenyi when it was about time.

    Gu Chenyi, you have to leave! I just found out that this is a trap. I have been duped by Mu Huan's stepmother. She claimed that the reason she asked me to invite you over was for you to advise Mu Huan, but it is actually to frame you two!

    You are probably drugged right now. Run! Quickly, run!

    But by this time, the drugs had already taken over Gu Chenyi's rationality. Why would he care about anything else?

    Therefore, as she cried and hid while saying no to him, she still didn't run away. Ultimately, she pretended that she had been successfully forced to become Gu Chenyi's woman.

    Now, she bit Bai Xuexian back and pushed all the blame onto her, letting Bai Xuexian take her place in bearing Gu Chenyi's fury!

    Hearing her say this, Bai Xuexian felt a little guilty as she did lie to Lin Qingya. But when she thought about it further, she found that this was wrong!

    She definitely received a message from her confidant, who confirmed that Mu Huan had entered the room and that the door had been locked from the outside. Everything had been proceeding smoothly!

    She saw Mu Huan drink the drug with her own two eyes, and her confidant had sent such a confirmation text. Mu Huan shouldn't have turned into Lin Qingya no matter what!

    There were only two possibilities that could result in such a situation occurring. The first was that Mu Huan had sensed that she had been drugged. Therefore, she took control of her confidant and had her confidant send her such a text. Thereafter, she plotted for Lin Qingya and Gu Chenyi to end up together.

    The second possibility was that Lin Qingya already figured out her scheme, but she pretended to not know about the plan as she wanted to be with Gu Chenyi. By cooperating with Bai Xuexian, she was then able to create such a situation!

    Bai Xuexian knew that even though Mu Huan was smart and had a few tricks up her sleeve, she was not someone who would do something like this. If she knew that she had been drugged and that Gu Chenyi was also here, she would do everything she could to bring Gu Chenyi along with her and escape.

    Therefore, she was left with only one possibility!

    And that was, she had been used by Lin Qingya!

    Lin Qingya liked Gu Chenyi and wanted to be with him. However, Gu Chenyi did not like her. Therefore, she used this opportunity to become Gu Chenyi's woman and pretended to be the victim so that Gu Chenyi would take responsibility!

    When she thought about this, Bai Xuexian exploded in an instant!

    She had never expected this! She never thought that she would be used by a servant whom she normally looked down on!

    She dashed forward angrily, raising her hand and ready to hit Lin Qingya. "You b*tch! How dare you use me!"

    Seeing this, Lin Qingya instantly hid in Gu Chenyi's embrace delicately.

    Gu Chenyi grabbed hold of Bai Xuexian's wrist firmly. "Bai Xuexian, you know who I am and yet you dare to plot against me! You are finished!" he said fiercely.

    Gu Chenyi did not like Lin Qingya one bit, but now, he had forcefully slept with her. How should he treat her in the future after this?! What's even more important was that he slept with someone he did not like! He felt disgusted just thinking about it! This was all caused by Bai Xuexian, which left him wishing he could just kill her!
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