112 Let Me Handle This

    She was at the banquet at the Mu's house before coming over.

    Could it have been the Mus?

    His eyes turned dark and dangerous the moment he thought of that.

    Lowering her eyes, the girl replied, "It's my stepmother."

    She took only a glass of fruit punch at the Mu house, so it must have been the drink that had caused this. However, she was very sure that it was not her father who'd tried to frame her. He might not love her as he did before, but he would never do anything to harm her.

    Even if he had been forced by his mother to do this, given his nature, he would have made a slip-up. But at that time, he was too natural to have been putting on an act.

    Besides, her grandma had intended for her to bring her husband over to the banquet. It was a good chance for the Mu family to announce their relationship with the Bao family. Her grandma would not have sabotaged her own chance to boast and to elevate the Mus' reputation.

    In this case, Bai Xuexian would be the only suspect. That woman was afraid that as the girl became more useful to the matriarch, she would be subjugated to the girl's assertion in the future. This was a plan to make Bao Junyan ditch her without implicating the Mu family.

    The man's eyes glinted sharply. "What about your father and grandma?"

    "They couldn't have known about this. My grandma and father very much wanted me to be a good wife," she retorted, still keeping her head low.

    Caressing her head, he consoled her, "Be good and take a good rest. I'll handle this matter."

    There was a strong tone of resolution in his gentle voice that allowed no objection.

    It was a hint to Mu Huan that he would not allow her to take this upon herself, unlike in the past.

    This time around, she had no desire to settle this matter by herself either. Looking up, she said to him, "Hubby, I don't want to see my stepmother again. I'm scared of her. If I hadn't managed to escape in time, I would have been..."

    For someone who had been cornered, Bai Xuexian was still an evil presence to be reckoned with. Her plan might have been thwarted today, but she might do something again tomorrow. She was too much of a handful to guard against! Besides, her grandma really disliked her stepmother now, so she would not blame her if Bao Junyan took action against the woman, and her granny would be spared too.

    "Don't worry, she won't ever appear before you again." It was his intention for her stepmother not to appear before her. Now that his wife had made it clear to him that she did not want to see the woman again, all the more he would not allow that to happen.

    "Hubby, thank you. If something were to happen to you next time, I'll definitely repay you with my blood and life!" She knew there was no way she could fight with her stepmother with her current limited power. Hence, his help would definitely be a great boost to her right now. She would remember his kindness, and if he ever needed her in the future, she would give her all to help him!

    "Silly girl," he retorted. He was her husband, so whoever stood against her would be doing the same to him too. It was his responsibility to protect her, yet she actually told him that she would repay him with "her blood and life."

    He realized that she must have been lacking love since she was a kid to say such things to him. There was a renewed sense of pain and heartache when he looked at her again.

    Dipping his head, he poked her forehead and said, "You have me with you from now on, so you can depend on me for everything. There's no need for you to worry too much."

    "Hubby..." Gratitude welled up within her.

    All these years, she had worked so hard. No matter what difficulties she faced, she would demand of herself to take on the challenge in order to make a living. This was the first time someone actually told her to lean on him for everything.

    He was like a mountain of fortitude that she could rely on.

    Although deep down inside her, she knew that she should not depend on him, she was still very touched by his action.

    Every girl in this world wanted to be loved and protected - to be sheltered from life's thunderstorms.
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