118 Your Mother Asks You to Return Home


    She had the exact question as he did, too: Why does it have to be you?

    Why did Bao Junyan's nephew turn out to be him?

    Isn't his family name 'Gu'?

    How can a Gu be his nephew?!

    Right at this time, the man returned home from work.

    Sensing the strange atmosphere, he turned to Mu Huan and asked, "What happened?"


    What can I say? What should I say?

    She wrestled for an answer in her head.

    The boy blurted suddenly, "Mu Huan, why did you chase me all the way to my uncle's house?!"

    She was dumbfounded. What did he mean by that?

    Knitting his brows, Bao Junyan turned to look at his nephew.

    "Uncle, she's the one I've told you about before. The girl who is madly in love with me and is relentlessly pursuing me!" Gu Chenyi said, pointing at Mu Huan.

    There was no way he would accept her as his aunt-in-law. She must leave his uncle!

    But he did not want to expose her facade. She was the one whom he was madly in love with before, and he did not want her to be despised by his uncle. Hence, he decided to turn the table around by saying that it was her who liked him first.

    In this way, Bao Junyan would dislike her and then he could make her leave him subsequently.

    The girl could only stare, wide-eyed, at her former boyfriend in disbelief.

    WTF! What nonsense is he spouting? Who's going after him?!

    Instinctively, she reacted, "It's you who came chasing after me, alright?!"

    "Look, Uncle, she's still denying it! She's a person who would not openly admit her feelings even though she was secretly in love with me! She's a handful!" The boy had once told his uncle about a girl who was obsessed over him and yet would not admit to that.

    "You're the one with the problem here!" She reckoned that the boy had gone berserk to be saying such a thing suddenly.

    "Mu Huan, I know you like me a lot, but the one I'm truly in love with is Qingya! Qingya is your best friend, so it's unethical of you to do this behind her back!" He knew his uncle did not like fair-weather friends.

    Mu Huan: "What!"

    What the f*ck!

    What's wrong with him? He must have got a screw loose! Imbecile!

    "Uncle, this woman isn't your wife!" By the look on his nephew's face, the man could tell that he was blaming him for his poor foresight!

    The older man merely clapped his palm on his head and said, "What nonsense are you spouting here? How can your aunt-in-law like you in the first place? She has good taste in men!"

    Although he did remember that his nephew had told him about a girl who was hot on his heels, he did not believe that girl to be his wife. Even if Mu Huan really had something to do with Gu Chenyi, the boy must have mistaken her intention.

    "Yes, that's right! I have good taste in men! Only my hubby is good enough for me in this world!" the girl said as she went up to the man and hugged his arm intimately.

    Looking at how she was snuggling up with his uncle, Gu Chenyi found it too much to bear.

    He had liked her for three years and pursued her relentlessly for two, yet they had never once been so close like the couple before him now.

    Unable to hold back any further, he blurted, "You're just after my uncle's money!"

    He was very upset when he first heard that she was marrying a much older man, so he did not probe further into this matter. It turned out that this older man was his uncle!

    This was something he could not tolerate - not at all!

    Before Mu Huan could reply, Bao Junyan stepped in.

    "Chenyi, your mom has asked you to return home."

    Stunned, the boy retorted, "But my mom has been out of the country since yesterday!"

    Looking stern, the man replied, "Does it mean that she can't ask you to return home just because she's not in the country?"


    The boy knew instantly that his uncle was chasing him away.
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