125 You Are Still Young

    "Xiao Huan, I know you don't trust me with your granny. Since you don't trust me, then you can go ahead and transfer her away. Grandma here can stop you, but I won't. I won't threaten you with your granny either. You just have to do your part as Mrs. Bao."

    Her meaning was clear: I can stop you. Your life is in my control. You can live well only if I allow you to. If I want you to suffer, there's no way you can resist. But I won't try to threaten or control you, I'll be good to you instead. But you have to think of our family and do your part as well.

    She understood what her grandma was driving at. Dipping her eyes, she promised, "I'll do my part as Mrs. Bao."

    "That's good. The contract between the Bao Group and its cooperating hospital is ending soon. You have to get our family hospital to be their cooperating hospital this time. I want the signatories to be carried out personally by Bao Junyan and me."

    She did not get to announce the union of the Mus and Baos at her birthday banquet previously. Thus, she wanted to use this opportunity to announce their relationship this time.

    "I'll try my best."

    "Trying is not good enough. You have to make it happen! This is not a difficult task!"

    Mu Huan was just about to add something when the old lady continued, "You want to transfer your granny to the hospital under your grandfather's friend, right?"

    She got a shock.

    "Xiao Huan, I'll make myself clear here. Your granny won't be able to leave this place unless you have the capability to send her abroad where I can't touch her. Because no matter which hospital you bring her to in this country, I'll know."

    The hands hanging down by her sides clenched tightly into ball-like fists.

    "Xiao Huan, you just graduated from high school and you're still young. On the other hand, your grandma here has lived long enough to be someone whom you can't handle yet. I know your plan. You want to bring your granny under your care so you can increase your influence with a peace of mind. After that, you can then come and fight against me. You can still do that now. You can take your granny away and I won't find trouble with her. But as to what you need to do, I think you know better, right?

    "Don't play games behind my back. Since I'm being so truthful with you today, you better do the same. Remember, you don't want to antagonize your grandma here. No matter what, you are still my granddaughter. No matter how much I dislike your granny, I've never been ruthless with you, so don't force me to go down that route."

    She laid out her power clearly before the girl before leaving.

    She knew her granddaughter was a smart girl. The latter would know what to do without the need for her to say more.

    The matriarch was more shrewd and powerful than what the girl had reckoned. Through the incident involving Bai Xuexian, the old woman could see that her granddaughter had gained a foothold in Bao Junyan's heart. So she would not use her granny to threaten her anymore.

    She might kick her own foot if the man found out about this matter.

    A hostage was useless if she could no longer be used as a pawn. Hence, her granddaughter could take her away if she wanted. In any case, there was still a trump card in her hand. As long as the youngling had no power yet to resist her, she would need to abide by her wishes.

    Once again, the old lady was glad that she'd made that smart move back then.

    At the shopping mall.

    "This looks good on you, we can get this," Gu Chenyi said to Lin Qingya while pointing at a random piece of clothing.

    The girl refused the offer gently. "It's not necessary. I have a lot of clothes already."

    "Girls like to have many in their wardrobe, right? The more, the merrier." When they bumped into Xiao Huan previously, she'd bought a lot of clothes.
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