126 Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way 1

    "Everyone's preferences are different," Lin Qingya replied with a smile.

    Gu Chenyi: "My mom will be sure to nag if you return without buying something."

    Despite him feeling very apologetic toward the woman for what had happened, he had no intention of making her his girlfriend. Little did he expect, however, that his mother was acquainted with her and even had a good impression of her. She insisted on him trying out a relationship with the young lady upon learning the news of that incident.

    His reluctance to abide by her wish had had her fuming and going on a hunger strike all day long. His father and his grandfather, who saw his mother as the apple of their eyes, were naturally displeased with his disobedience and, as such, forced him to be in a relationship with Lin Qingya despite his lack of romantic feelings for her.

    It was fortunate that she was willing to play the role of his girlfriend when she learned about his predicament, thus finally resolving the matter.

    For a girl who had just lost her innocence, not only did she not hold him accountable for his action, but she was also considerate of his plight. Sometimes, he could not help but wonder, Why can't I let go of my feelings for an indecent girl like Mu Huan and develop feelings for this angel instead? If only I liked Lin Qingya!

    When she heard his reply, a troubled look descended on the young woman's face. "We'll buy fewer pieces of clothing, then. We mustn't buy too many."

    "Mm." He then led her into the retail store.

    An irrepressible surge of happiness bloomed within her upon her seeing how easily she could now enter these shops that she used to only look at from afar to try on and shop for clothes.

    Hard work pays off, indeed! Finally, I'm only a step away from my goal after all that planning and preparation!

    At this rate, I believe I'll be able to attain what I want soon enough!

    Speaking of which, her preparation had indeed started way back. From the moment she inadvertently learned about Gu Chenyi's family background in the second semester of her freshman year in high school, she had been trying to attract the guy's attention since. Alas, his eyes and heart were never on her.

    She did not give up, though. Instead, she made use of her status as Mu Huan's bestie and that chap's need for her to assist in his wooing of Mu Huan and slowly got to know more about his family. When she learned that his mother was a rich missy who was naive of the treachery of the world, she decided to act on her.

    The lass, thereafter, found herself a part-time job in the foundation that was under his mother's management. While holding a meager salary, the load of work she took on amounted to several persons' worth. That diligence of hers, coupled with her impressive socializing skills, made everyone in the foundation especially fond of and have only praises for her.

    She even went so far as to doing voluntary work at the orphanage his mother frequented for two whole years. During this period, the former feigned ignorance about the latter's identity despite the case being otherwise. Also, without attempting to get close or fawning upon the older woman, she would, very craftily, show her good side to her.

    Mrs. Gu, being the sole child of her family who was born with poor health, had been raised in a pampered environment. Even when she later got married to a good husband who gave her a carefree life, the man, along with her father, had kept her locked up in an ivory tower, which resulted in her simple-mindedness.

    The older woman truly believed what her eyes saw. Not to mention, the young lady had been putting up some brilliant performances in front of her in those two years of their acquaintance.

    The latter was just a high-schooler two years back, so who could ever have imagined that this child could possibly be so conniving?

    Hence, upon learning that the young lady her son had forced himself on was Lin Qingya, Mrs. Gu insisted on him trying to date her.

    Her son had to take responsibility for defiling this angel!
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