130 All Businessmen Are Crafty 2

    "So, there's no need for you to feel awkward if your grandma wants you to get something from me again. All of these will eventually belong to you, anyway. Just don't go agreeing to her demands so easily. Make her beg you for them since she's so biased against you," advised the man in an attempt to lead his wife astray. Although he liked this obedient side of her, she must not be too obedient toward others.


    No wonder people often say that businessmen are crafty! It's truly so!

    Grandma wants to make use of the Baos for the benefit of the Mus, but Bao Junyan is actually eyeing the entire Mu household! She would surely cough up blood if she found out that he only saw her as a passerby God of wealth!

    Mu Huan suddenly grabbed hold of her husband's arm at the thought of something. "Hubby, you have to get the Mu household in your hands regardless of whatever happens in the future!"

    Like that, no matter what Grandma wants from him, it'll eventually reach his hands again. I won't be owing him anything, then!

    "Mm. I'll get it for you." Devouring the Mu household was a piece of cake to the man.

    "You're the best, Hubby!" She happily embraced him and pecked at his cheeks several times.

    As though she had abruptly opened a door to a new world, the burdensome weight on her shoulders had suddenly vanished, leaving only wondrous moments behind.

    Since her mother's passing, never had she ever been as happy and relaxed as she was at this moment.

    Without needing to worry about her grandma's coercion or her granny's life being in danger at the other old lady's hands anymore, she felt that life was simply so beautiful and brilliant that she wanted to cheer out loud!

    How good it feels to be alive! Only by being alive can such a miracle happen!

    Her messy kissing on his face was akin to the behavior of a little pup, which made him greatly dissatisfied.

    As the man locked the back of her head with his hand, he claimed her ruddy lips fiercely, using his actions to tell her what it meant to be kissing.

    She, with the innocence of a girl and the charm of a woman, was akin to a seductive and alluring vixen.

    And that night lasted for a long, long time...

    Time flew, and soon, it was time for Mu Huan to start school. Bao Junyan, who intended to send her to school, had to go abroad at the last minute due to issues regarding the company's overseas branch.

    She felt that it was really tough on her husband. He would return home only late at night after spending most of his day busy at work, and going on overseas business trips was nothing unusual to him.

    "Every job comes with its own pressure and toil, indeed." Mu Huan could not help sighing as she spoke of the man's hard work to Li Meng.

    "I'd better not become a rich person who needs to slog so hard then - just being a moderately rich person will do. That would allow me to sleep and work as I desire every day, and when I don't feel like working, I can go out and abandon myself to a life of pleasure." The latter preferred a slightly idle life, whereby she need not toil so hard in her short life.

    "For the life that you dream of, being moderately rich isn't enough for you! Even if you don't become as rich as Bao Junyan, you'll still have to be filthy rich in order to achieve freedom in life. You'd better start putting in more effort, babe!" She slung her arm around her bestie's shoulders.

    "Nah, I can just depend on you! The reason I chose the same profession as you is so that I can work in the same line as you and become your subordinate when you become successful in the future. Given our friendship, you'll surely turn a blind eye to me. Like that, I can lead my dream life while being just moderately rich," replied Li Meng with a laugh as she hugged the other.

    "Look at your pathetic self!"

    "Woah! Hurry, look!" shouted her friend out of the blue with a look of amazement.
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