133 Kind-hearted Advice

    "You!" He was too upset to argue further.

    She was somebody who could greatly antagonize him, and yet, this was something that he liked about her. No matter what or when, she was always fearless and daring. If you called her evil, she would go for it, all the way.

    "Chenyi..." Lin Qingya tugged at his arm, signaling him to stop the argument.

    "I'll let you win on Qingya's account!" He took this opportunity to retreat.

    "You don't have to give in to me for her sake. I have nothing to do with her!" The girl did not want Lin Qingya to use their relationship to badmouth her.

    "Xiao Huan, I know you're still angry with me, but I've never thought of wanting to be with him. We've been bosom friends since we were young. You can't give up our friendship just like that!" Lin Qingya's eyes rimmed red as she looked at her.

    "Since you're so good at acting, why don't you join the department of performing arts? You're wasting your talent here in the department of medicine. Besides, you aren't suitable for dry and heavy subjects, and medicine is difficult to start with. Not only do you risk not graduating, but you also may not be able to find a job afterward. Why don't you transfer to the acting faculty? Who knows, you may win double awards in the future!" Mu Huan gave her a heartfelt piece of advice.

    Lin Qingya's hands that were hiding within her sleeves had tightened into balls of fist by now!

    D*mn you, Mu Huan! Are you taking this chance to humiliate me now just because your results are better?!

    Who's looking for a job after finishing school?! I'll marry into a rich family and be a socialite!

    "Little missy, that's where you're wrong. That girl ranked seventh during our provincial exam!" someone shouted from the midst of the nosy crowd gathering around them.

    "What's so great about ranking seventh? Xiao Huan here cliched the top position, and even I was placed as number six," Li Meng declared proudly.

    She had revised for the college examination together with Mu Huan and Lin Qingya. Her bestie had a sharp acumen when it came to spotting exam questions, and 60% of what she had bet on came true. Add to that the fact that they had been hardworking all along, they all managed to produce exceptional results.

    "Number one? She's Mu Huan, the top scholar for this year?" The crowd started to stir.

    As the top scholar for this year had a really amazing entry score, many seniors were curious to find out who this genius who had attained such a high score was!

    The marks were remarkable enough for her to apply for the Ivy League universities outside the country!

    "That's right, she's the number one here. The top scholar: Mu Huan!" her bestie declared triumphantly.

    "Wow, little missy, you were so superb! Your score was the highest in the history of Yun University!"

    "Yeah! No top scholars from the past could compare with your results!"

    "Here I was thinking that a girl with such a high score would be a bookworm, but little missy here turned out to be such a pretty and smart lady!"

    "Hey, young missy, I'm single and my looks are decent. How about a date!"

    "Miss..." The group swarmed around her.

    This made Lin Qingya even more jealous and angry!

    Earlier, these boys had still been swooning over her, amazed by her pretty look, gentleness, and good results. She was being hailed as the goddess!

    But now, they were ignoring her presence totally!

    D*mn Mu Huan!

    It had always been like this since they were young! Lin Qingya was the most outstanding until Mu Huan appeared and stole all her glory. No one would bother with her after that.

    But Lin Qingya alone was sufficient as the perfect specimen. There was no need for Mu Huan!

    One day, one fine day, she would destroy this girl totally! Mu Huan would never be able to dazzle or obscure her splendor!

    I'll do it! I'll destroy you for sure!
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