135 Good Eyesigh

    "What happened?" He could sense her astonishment even across the phone line.

    "I... I didn't expect you to return this early from your work trip." She decided that she would inquire about his return date in the future to avoid rude surprises like this!

    "The business was resolved earlier than anticipated." Somehow, he had a feeling that his sweet wifey seemed to delight in his overseas trips and tended to lament that he returned too early.

    "I'm about to leave the library now. Let me go to the washroom. Hubby, can you wait for me at the entrance, please?"


    The moment his word fell upon her ear, she hung up the call, put on a surgical mask, and ran toward her bestie. Upon extending her arm to grab the hoodlum who was about to punch Li Meng, she flipped him over her shoulder and sent him crashing to the ground in one swift move.

    Her perfectly-coordinated move was so suave that it sent the bystanders gasping in admiration!

    She drew close to her friend's ear and whispered, "My hubby is on campus now so I have to go. You better retreat too!"

    "Bao Junyan is here in the school?" Her bestie's eyes widened with shock and disbelief.

    "Yes." She hummed a reply before kicking out another hooligan. After that, all she could think of was to rush to the main building.

    Her partner hastily retreated as well in case a mob turned up.

    What the two did not know was that someone had secretly recorded the scene of her fighting.

    The library inside the university was located on the northwest while she was on the southeast side. Although she was considered to be inside the school compound, it would take a while for her to reach the library from her current location. The excuse of relieving diarrhea in the toilet would not work as well since it probably would not take as much time as she had been wasting now. Realizing that she was running out of time, she scrambled up a tree and leaped across a wall from a hanging tree branch. This would at least save her some time.

    As she jumped off from the wall, she removed her mask and cap and tossed them into a rubbish bin nearby. After that, all she could do was to dash toward the library in front of her with whatever remaining strength she had.

    While the man was walking toward the library, he saw a dash of white flashing across his eyes. The speed at which this person was running could rival that of a 100-meter sprinter!

    This, though, was not what had bothered him.

    What he was concerned about was that the shadowy sprinter reminded him very much of his wife!

    The man had excellent eyesight, so even though the sky had turned dark, he was able to catch a good look at this passing figure from a distance.

    By the time he reached the library entrance, she was there already, waiting for him.

    Although she had stopped panting, she was dripping with perspiration.

    When she saw him, she immediately greeted him with a smile. "Hello, Hubby."

    "Why are you perspiring?" Her white tee was thoroughly wet, revealing the singlet that she was wearing underneath today. And so, whenever he saw people passing by, he would use his broad frame to block their view of her, in case they were to glance at what he was privy to.

    "I ran because I couldn't wait to see you," she said with her head lowered, looking guilty.

    "You ran down the stairs?"

    "Yeah, I didn't want you to wait long." Her head hung even lower this time.

    "Then why did I see you running in from outside?"

    She jerked her head up abruptly, staring at him with a stunned expression.


    It confirmed his suspicion; it was her that he saw.

    "Hubby... I... I..." How did he manage to catch sight of me? I didn't see him at all!

    "Yes?" He waited for her explanation.

    After stammering for a pretty long time, she finally replied, "I came from somewhere away from the library. I was afraid that you might think that I was skiving if I told you the truth, so I said that I was at the library."
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