136 Hubby Looks Terrifying When He Flies into a Rage 1

    Her answer made the man frown. Have I unconsciously been too strict with her to the point that she's afraid that I would mistakenly assume her to be skiving off school? She's a college student already, though.

    Mistakenly assuming his frown as a sign of his anger, Mu Huan hastily stepped forward to grab his arm. "I'm sorry, Hubby... I'm sorry..."

    I shouldn't have taken up this case! Now, I'm caught red-handed!

    "H-Hubby... don't get angry..." She batted her big eyes in a furious attempt to act cute.

    "Let's head back home." Bao Junyan had never had any associations with such a delicate lass like Mu Huan before, so he was at a loss on how to respond to his wife's cute affections, especially since he was not angered in the first place. Hence, he wanted to go back home first before they talk.

    Over the years of being in a high position and possessing a high status, he had developed the habit of projecting a stern and indifferent look that emanated authority on that handsome face of his even when he was not angry at all.

    Hence, she mistakenly assumed that the man was still sulky.

    Thinking that hugging his arms was useless, she then changed tactics and proceeded to hug him around his waist instead. She raised her head and pleaded, "Don't be angry anymore, alright?"

    "I'm not."

    "But you're clearly mad right now!" If not, why does he look and sound so frigid?!


    He was truly not mad at all.

    "Please don't be angry anymore, Hubby... I know my mistake. I really do..." Upon recalling that her husband did not return home for two whole days the last time he blew his top, she got really afraid that he would get angry again, and so, she was desperate to act cute and apologize to him.

    Her pestering, however, only intensified his desire to return home. As such, he lifted her up and proceeded to leave.

    The abruptness of his action gave her quite a shock. She thought that he was intending to hit her.

    It was only after she realized that he was only carrying her so they could leave that she loosened up.

    Mu Huan could feel his taut body when she pressed herself tightly against his back. The thought that he was suppressing his anger frightened her into hastily reaching out to stroke him on the chest. "Please simmer down, Hubby. I really know my mistake now."

    Stroke by stroke, she lightly moved her weak, little hand against his chest. The sensation of her actions was so provoking that his eyes became dark and got laced with desire.

    "Stop your actions!" he coldly chided.

    It instantly rendered her still. How scary... He looks terrifying when he gets angry...

    Bao Junyan's car was parked at the school's parking lot.

    Even after boarding the car, the man did not let go of his wife. He had a cold look on his face and had no intention of speaking.

    This frightened the woman in his embrace so badly that she dared not to breathe deeply.

    It was only ten minutes later, when the car drove into a villa, that she broke the silence.

    "Hubby, what are we doing here?" Didn't he say we're returning home? Why are we here, then? Is it inconvenient to hit me at home, so he brought me to a desolate place instead?

    "Going home."

    "But... we don't live here."

    "Our home's here now."

    Mu Huan was correct in her assumption that her husband would surely not let her stay in her school's dorm. He had, in fact, long tasked his men to prepare a place near her college and was intending to send her to school on her first day and bring her back to their new home that night. Due to the abrupt company issues, he had flown off before he could get the chance to tell her about the new place. Never did he expect, upon his return, that she would have already moved into the school's dorm.

    She's not at all conscious of the fact that she's a married woman.


    What did he mean by that?

    She dared not to put up a protest when it was time to alight, and the man carried her down.

    Nevertheless, she could not help but be envious of his strength. He seemed so relaxed and nonchalant despite him carrying her.

    Her eyes then widened in surprise upon spotting the butler, who came out to greet them. Why's the butler here?

    By 'our home's here now,' did he mean we've moved and will be staying here now?

    How am I gonna use the excuse of our home being far away from school from now on?!

    "Hubby..." She shifted a little, intending to speak with him about this matter.

    "Stop fidgeting!"
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