137 Hubby Looks Terrifying When He Flies into a Rage 2

    The sight of Bao Junyan heading straight upstairs with Mu Huan in his arms sent the butler grinning cheerfully.

    Once upstairs, the woman was carried to the bed before she could even say anything.

    "Hu-" As soon as she opened her mouth, his lips swooped down on it and seized the opportunity to inhale her words and sweetness.


    Everyone knew only when love started, but no one knew when love ended.

    And so, by the time Mu Huan woke up, it was already the next morning and her husband had left for work.

    For someone who was always burning the midnight oil, he could still wake up so early the next day to go to work! She could not help feeling envious of the man's excellent stamina!

    How many hours of sleep a day could he possibly have? Despite so, he's still able to work so hard at the office. He's no doubt a god with his extraordinary capabilities!

    For someone who exercises regularly, I already can't match up to his stamina, let alone other frail and delicate girls.

    I wonder, in the future...

    As she wondered about the type of woman Bao Junyan would find for himself after her departure, her mind strongly resisted against the idea of him liking and becoming a married couple with someone else.

    She was dumbstricken when she pulled herself out of her thoughts. The fact that she was unable to even tolerate the very thought of it was beyond her expectations...

    I've all along been preparing to leave the man, so why can't I bear to even think of the scene of my departure now? What's wrong with me?

    Why am I behaving this way?


    Just then, her phone rang. It was a call from Li Meng.

    "Xiao Huan, come quickly! We have Professor Wang for our first class of the day. He's notorious for being strict in attendance and he loathes tardy students. You'll be a goner if he sets his eyes on you!" Her friend's frantic and urgent voice rang from the other end of the line.

    She got a huge shock when she glanced at the watch at her bedside. Now was simply not the time for her to be wallowing in her sorrows, and so, she hurriedly jumped out of bed to go wash up. By the time she headed downstairs, the butler was already waiting for her with her breakfast in his hands.

    "Madam, the driver's waiting outside. Please consume your breakfast in the car for today." He looked at her with a smile.

    "Thank you!" She accepted her breakfast with much gratitude.

    Being someone who could not tolerate hunger, going without breakfast was a no-go for her.

    "You're welcome, Madam." He then respectfully sent her off.

    Mu Huan started making a mad dash to her classroom the moment she alighted from the car at the school gate, but alas, she still arrived late...

    Not only that, but she was even stopped by Professor Wang at the doorway.

    "Mu Huan. This year's top scholar for the college entrance exams."

    She plastered an awkward and flattering smile on her face at that. She really did not mean to be late, but...

    "Being good at studying doesn't mean that you can show up late to classes! Do you think you don't need to study hard in college anymore? I hate students like you the most!"


    It's my fault for being tardy, but... in what way am I not studying hard? It's what I know best!

    "I'll deduct two points from you as a warning for today. I expect you to abide by the school rules from now on and not let your hard work in high school go to waste." As he spoke, he proceeded to pen down the deduction of two points under her name in his attendance booklet.

    In Yun University, every subject's professors were responsible for the students' character score, which was a total of 12 points. Once all the points had been deducted, it would mark the student's failure of that particular subject, regardless of his or her exam performances.

    "Professor Wang..." She was frantic to say something in her defense.

    I might've arrived late to class, but surely a deduction of two points is too much for a punishment? Wasn't it rumored that Professor Wang gives a warning for the first offense and deducts only a point on the second offense?

    "Go to your seat. Lots of your classmates' time has already been wasted on you." The man then put the attendance booklet away.

    Knowing any explanation given now would just be a lost cause, she could only chalk it up to her bad luck.
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