138 Points Deducted

    The sight of Mu Huan, who could only blame herself for her bad luck, drew a sneer on Lin Qingya's lips.

    A good student with excellent moral conduct? Mu Huan, let's see how you are gonna maintain that excellent conduct of yours!

    From her male seniors, she heard the news of Professor Wang being a local of Yun Cheng and the top scholar of his batch. He had been the record holder of scoring the highest on the city's college entrance examination. That was, until it was shattered by Mu Huan with a score higher than his by 20 marks or so.

    She had skillfully put out news comparing the two, making Mu Huan sound more capable than the professor and letting the gossip spread among the teaching community.

    Professor Wang, being a haughty person who held everything with contempt, was naturally displeased to hear others deeming him inferior to his student. This, in turn, resulted in Mu Huan becoming an eyesore to him.

    Being a strict person to start with, now that the latter was an eyesore to him as well, she would likely go through a hellish student life!

    Sensing she was already marked by the professor, Mu Huan dared not to speak a word with her bestie throughout the entire lecture. Instead, she paid her utmost attention and vigilance in class in fear of accidentally crossing the professor and getting her points deducted again. When the arduous lesson finally came to an end, she immediately collapsed on the table.

    "What's wrong with this Professor Wang? Even though I've heard rumors that he's a strict person who detests tardy students, you're probably the first student in history for having two points deducted in one go!" griped Li Meng, who could finally air her indignation on her friend's behalf.

    "No idea. What an unlucky day..." bemoaned Mu Huan weakly with her head on the desk.

    After that rush-filled morning and that nerve-wracking class, she was truly drained now.

    Right then, Lin Qingya came walking over to her with a look of concern. "Are you all right, Xiao Huan?"

    She lifted her head off the desk. "Bug off!"

    I'm in a foul mood. Don't come provoking me!

    Her nemesis' glistening eyes turned hazy instantly as tears pooled in them. One could not help having tender affection for her when they saw that expression of hers holding back her tears.

    She really had to be impressed with the other woman for her outstanding performance of squeezing out her tears in just a moment's notice. And so, with much sincerity, she suggested to her once again, "Lin Qingya, go join the acting industry, won't you? Don't waste your talent here when you can definitely shine there. Go find your path and pave a bright future for yourself!"

    Stop staring at me and finding trouble with me! There's no need to get me involved in your act to show off your good side!

    Mu Huan, who always strived hard to attain her goals with her own efforts, could not understand why Lin Qingya was bent on personal advancement at her expense. Besides, you already have Gu Chenyi as your boyfriend. Why can't you just properly lead your own life?

    Immediately, Lin Qingya's tears streamed down as though she had suffered from great grievances.

    This resulted in the guy beside them to be unable to ignore her tears. "Aren't you being too much, Mu Huan? She's only concerned about you!"

    "Well, I don't need that concern of hers. Go take it if you need it!"

    "Only you boys need the concern of a beauty. Hurry and go take it!" retorted a female student, who was sitting behind Mu Huan.

    It had only been several days since school started, but Lin Qingya and Mu Huan already had their own supporters.

    The ones supporting the former were most of the male population despite her already having a boyfriend. With irresistible pretty looks and gentle nature, she belonged to the type which guys deemed as their dream lover. And so, they naturally could not stand seeing her upset and in tears.

    Mu Huan's supporters, on the other hand, were mostly female.

    Girls these days were particularly disgusted with manipulative, conniving, and two-faced b*tches.

    News of the two's dispute at the freshies' reporting area had already spread across the pharmaceutical faculty. Lin Qingya's claim that she had never thought of being a couple with Gu Chenyi led to the unanimous agreement between female students that she was a white lotus because she had ended up together with him.

    Would someone date another person whom they had no feelings for and desires of being with?
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