150 What Happened That Year

    "This is not something you should wonder about." Gu Chenyi was not willing to tell anyone that he had feelings for Mu Huan and that she was now his aunt.

    "Then I'll take it that you have nothing to do with her since I am a little interested in her."

    "I said to leave her alone!"

    "And I should do it just because you said so? Who do you think you are?" When Long Feiting's temper as a young master rose, he wouldn't give anyone any face.

    Just as Gu Chenyi was about to say something, he received a call from home. Learning that his mom had fallen ill and was sent to the hospital, he hurriedly rushed back.

    With him not even having a friend to drink with, Long Feiting's mood worsened. He was no longer in the mood to head far out to find a good place to drink. Instead, he settled for the grilled fish shop opposite their school and ordered two dishes and a dozen bottles of beer.

    Just as he was done drinking and was prepared to order more, a few girls walked in.

    When they saw Long Feiting, the girls' eyes instantly formed shapes of hearts, unable to tear them away. Only one girl glanced at him for a moment before shifting her line of sight away.

    Long Feiting raised his brows. What a rare day today for him to bump into two girls who were not interested in him.

    With such a handsome man around, the girls naturally chose to sit at the table closest to him.

    Although they did not dare to stare at him brazenly after sitting down, they still tried to sneak glances at him non-stop. Only that one girl did not try sneaking a glance at Long Feiting, not even once.

    This resulted in Long Feiting looking at the girl more times than usual. This made him notice how familiar her face was, especially her brows and eyes.

    Right at that moment.

    "Kexin, earlier, you said before that you were abducted and sold when you were young. What happened?"

    The words from the girl with the short hair caused Long Feiting to pause in the middle of his drinking.

    The girl whom Long Feiting found extremely familiar responded, "I was kidnapped and sold when I was around 11. I was brought deep into the mountains on the west side of Yun Cheng, ready to be sold to another city."

    "Oh god! How did you get out fine later? Was it your family who saved you?"

    "No, it was Chubby Brother who saved me."

    When he heard "Chubby Brother," Long Feiting's eyes instantly widened. Could it be her?

    But... she was called Kexin, not Song Xing.

    However, she was abducted when she was 11, and she was taken deep into the mountains on the west side of Yun Cheng, and there was Chubby Brother...

    On top of that, her eyebrows and eyes looked too similar!

    If it wasn't her, then all these were too much of a coincidence! Everything was too similar!

    One should not judge Long Feiting simply for being tall, handsome, and astute. There was a time when he was a greedy little chubby kid. Due to his greediness, he was abducted deep into the mountains on the west side of Yun Cheng, and that was where he met Little Star, the most important person in his life. Song Xing, an 11-year-old girl. Although she was a girl, she was extremely strong and intelligent. If not for her, he would probably be dead. Therefore, he had been looking for her all these years.

    Apart from her not being called Song Xing, the other circumstances the girl before him experienced were extremely similar to his that year.

    Thinking of something, he stood up suddenly and walked toward the girl before grabbing her arm. "On what month and day were you abducted that year?!"

    The girl he had grabbed was stunned by his sudden actions. She looked at him for a moment before stammering, "It seemed like... seemed like it was around Qingming Festival[1]..."

    Long Feiting tightened his grip on her arm. The timing was the same as well! "What's your name?"

    "Mu... Mu Kexin..."

    [1] An occasion where all the Chinese show respect to their ancestors.
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