154 Congratulations

    She would not allow the slightest possibility of Mu Huan escaping her clutches!

    However, it was not plausible to get another person to carry out the assignment. Only Kexin, Mu Huan's half-sister who shared a similar look as her, could be sent for this task.

    It was good that it turned out fabulous as planned. Well done!

    "Kexin, you surprised us!" In this entire plan, Lin Qingya was most worried about Mu Kexin. In the end, the girl's performance was near-perfect!

    The girl looked at them and laughed. They were surprised that she had grown up?

    How could she not?! How could she not put in a stunning performance?! If she failed this time, her life would be destroyed totally! She didn't want that! She did not want to attend a third-rate university and then be exiled to a small hospital under the Mu family to be an insignificant employee.

    She wanted to stand high and above the rest, like what she used to enjoy. No, more than that, she wanted to live a better life than before!

    So, she had to grow up! She had to work hard!

    After the fall of her mother, she was no longer useful when the plan to marry her off to Bao Junyan went afoul. Matriarch Mu no longer had the desire to groom her and had abandoned her plan to send her granddaughter to study abroad. Throwing her to a third-rate university to study pharmaceuticals, she was intending to send her grandchild to a pharmacy in one of the hospitals under the Mus after her graduation and leave her to her own devices.

    She had been leading an indulgent life for so many years, but Mu Kexin's dream was to bask in glory and to do better than Mu Huan. How could she take this humiliation lying down? Knowing her predicament, she knew if she did not make full use of this opportunity, her life would be a goner. This was her one and only chance of a lifetime. Hence, she threw in her all. Naturally, her efforts paid off.

    "Matriarch Mu, have you covered up Kexin's medical records when she was hospitalized during that period?" Lin Qingya asked, looking at the old lady. She was pretty sure that Long Feiting would investigate Mu Kexin's records.

    Actually, Mu Huan was not abducted at that time. Instead, she was drugged by her stepmother, who then got someone to take her away. Not to be trifled with, after the girl escaped, she secretly put in some croton tiglium in Bai Xuexian's food as revenge. This would get the woman to suffer diarrhea so bad that she could hardly stand!

    And this was what happened to Mu Kexin, who, out of greediness, took the bowl of rice instead of her mother.

    When the girl became too weak from constant trips to the toilet, she stumbled and fell from the stairs, breaking her right leg as a result. Although Mu Huan broke her leg too, it was her left instead. But for the old woman, this was a negligible fact that could be covered up easily.

    However, with Mu Kexin's spoiled temperament, the hospital stay dragged to more than a month even though it was not a serious matter. Turned out that this long stay fitted well into her story of a bad bout of illness.

    "Everything's ready." One thing about the old woman was her meticulous attention to details.

    "Then, I must congratulate you, Matriarch Mu. Your elder granddaughter married Bao Junyan, and now, your young granddaughter has become the benefactor of the influential Long family. By the time the plan is fully carried out, she will have married into the Long family. The Mu family will enjoy fame and glory more than ever before, and the Mus' reputation will soar to new heights!" When the vile girl realized that Mu Kexin had the potential to marry into the Long family with her continual good performance, she turned insanely envious.

    Long Feiting had an incredible background!

    It was a pity that she did not look like Mu Huan. If she did, she would not have given up this rare opportunity to Mu Kexin!

    "You'll enjoy it more when we have it good." The old woman's words hid a subtle message for the listener.

    The older one knew very well what the girl had in her mind. Hence, she was warning the younger one that they shared a common interest in this matter and that she should drop the idea of using this to blackmail the Mus subsequently.

    "I understand. Don't you worry, Matriarch Mu!" Lin Qingya was a smart girl. She might be greedy, but she knew when to call a stop. She would fight only when it's a sure-win game.

    For instance, Gu Chenyi.

    She would be happy if she could smoothly marry into the Gu family.
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