155 Wanton Thoughts

    "Since we know it was Mu Huan who had saved Long Feiting, why did you want me to insist that it was Chubby Brother who had saved him? Wouldn't this make it more suspicious?" Mu Kexin could not comprehend the logic of their story.

    "Long Feiting is a very smart fella. If you had narrated the event clearly, pretending to have amnesia would not work as an excuse. The sickness was supposed to wipe out much of your memory." Although Mu Huan did describe the incident to her former good friend, she had not specified how she had managed to escape.

    So some details had to be mangled on purpose so Mu Kexin would not be interrogated by Long Feiting!

    She could be exposed at any moment!

    "How about Mu Huan? She is on the same campus as both of you. If she were to find out about me and Long Feiting and recall the past, she may expose me. What should I do?" The girl got worrisome.

    "Mu Huan has helped many people since she was a kid and always got into dangerous missions like this. She has long forgotten this abduction. Besides, they seem to have been involved in some disputes recently and she's keen to avoid him now. This means that even if she's curious about your entanglement with Long Feiting, she won't pay much attention to this matter, let alone want to expose you."

    Lin Qingya had not wasted her years of friendship with Mu Huan. The former really knew her inside out.

    Just as Mu Kexin was about to add something, Lin Qingya received a call from her boyfriend. His mother was admitted to the hospital and he wanted her to pay a visit.

    Lin Qingya quickly rushed to the hospital.

    At Yun University.

    After she was done with her night revision class, Mu Huan received a call from her hubby. He was waiting for her at the gate.

    The girl hastily rushed out without further ado. She did not want to keep him waiting.

    The man was looking through his documents inside the car when he heard the car door being opened. He looked up instinctively.

    The sight of her caused his heart to flutter, and yet, at the same time, it filled him with much ambivalence. When she was at home, she would don a much more mature and ladylike outfit. This was the same at night for her pajamas; hence, he did not feel their age difference.

    This was different from what she wore to school nowadays.

    Take today, for instance. She looked like a girl in high school, naive and childlike, in her sailor dress.

    The fact that she had, indeed, just finished her high school only made him feel old.

    "Hubby!" she called out to him sweetly.

    The smile on her small face along with her young, saccharine voice could melt anyone's heart.

    He reached out and pulled her into his arms.

    Although they had done more intimate acts than this, she was still not used to displaying such intimate behavior with him in public. She involuntarily tried to wriggle away from him as a result.

    His eyes burned with arousal as he said to her, "Don't move."


    When she first met him, she had regarded him as a highly desirable man-god for the aloof type. But now, she deemed herself as blind for having drawn such a conclusion!

    What aloof type was she thinking of? He emerged as the absolute man-god for all types!

    She decided that the atmosphere should not continue in its ambiguity.

    "Hubby, you said you wanted to take me out for a nice dinner, right? Where are we going?"

    "We'll go for a nice dinner later."

    "Why?" If he doesn't want to eat now, is he thinking of heading home instead?

    Her cheeks flushed red and warm the moment she considered this possibility. Even her bodily temperature seemed to be rising!

    "My brother's wife has been admitted to the hospital. Let's pay her a visit."

    "Oh?" She was stunned. Was it just her wanton thinking?

    "What is it?" Bao Junyan dipped his head and looked at her. This was when he caught her face blushing hot and red.
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