167 A Large Dose of Mushiness

    As the housekeeper did not provide much details on what had happened to him, she could only speculate on the extent of his injuries while on the way to the hospital. She tried not to think of the worst, because that made her so fearful that she could hardly walk straight.

    Thank goodness, these were only minor injuries!

    The man could sense the fear in her and hugged her closer as a result.

    The warmth that he felt in his heart grew deeper and wider.

    At that time, when he had to choose a bride, all he wanted was a wife who would not cause any trouble for him. He wanted a woman who would stay at home quietly and be a quintessential Mrs. Bao. When the time was ripe, she would then bear him an heir. And that would be all. But now, he was actually looking forward to his married life with her.

    When night arrived, he wanted her to return home.

    "I'm not going back, I'm staying here with you!" She refused to obey his instruction. How could she fulfill her duty as a wife if she returned to a comfortable bed while her husband remained sick?

    Caressing her head, he told her, "There are others around, you need not keep me company. Besides, you have to go to school tomorrow."

    "School isn't as important as you. I'm applying for sick leave and won't be attending classes tomorrow!"

    "..." The man did not know how to react.

    How bewildering!

    He could not understand the physiological changes that he was experiencing.

    In the meantime, the rest of the people in the room did not know what else to say.

    Somehow, they got a feeling that they were being force-fed with a large dose of mushiness.

    Those who had the decency to read between the lines started to take their leave.

    "Brother Bao, we have something important to attend to at night so we'll take our leave first!"

    Very soon, there were only the two of them left inside the hospital room.

    He was not one to laze around, so the man was soon keeping himself busy with the files on his desk.

    She did not know what else to talk to him about, and seeing him preoccupied with work, she tried to keep herself busy by going through his medical notes, which she got from the doctor.

    She wanted to have a better understanding of his injuries.

    The room soon fell into silence.

    It remained quiet until the man sat up and wanted to get off the bed.

    "Hubby, what do you want?" She quickly went up to help him.

    "I want to go to the bathroom."

    "Your leg is injured so you shouldn't move around too much for now, you may compromise your recovery. Why don't you use this?" She had just read his medical record, which specifically advised against over-exertion of his injured leg.

    Hence, she pulled out a urinal from below the bed and passed it to him to use.

    "..." The man did not know how to react.

    "I want to use the bathroom!" His handsome face displayed a strong message of refusal.

    "Hubby, can you please listen? You are a patient right now, and this is nothing to be shameful about!"

    Although it was hard for her to imagine the scene of a god-like man like him using the urinal, he was, after all, still a human and not a god. A human would fall ill, and a sick man was a patient who needed to listen to medical advice. There was nothing to be ashamed of!

    The man did not say anything more but merely rolled his quilt away to get down from the bed.

    She hastily went up to help him.

    "Hubby, your leg won't recover if you insist on putting weight on this injured leg!"

    His determination to use the bathroom was evident on his face even though he did not say a word.

    She did not expect him to throw a tantrum. Resigned, she said, "Then I'll carry you over to the bathroom. You lean your entire weight on me and don't put any pressure on your injured leg!"

    He'd been thinking that his wifey was getting bolder these days, and now, she even dared to issue him a command.

    And one more thing, she wanted him to lean on her?

    On her petite frame?

    In his opinion, leaning his entire weight on her would probably crush her instead.

    "There's a wheelchair over there, bring it over," he said, pointing to a wheelchair at a corner.

    "Okay." She realized that she might have given herself away unwittingly by volunteering to carry him over to the bathroom. As such, when she heard that a wheelchair was available, she quickly went to bring it over.

    At the bathroom, he wanted her to leave the toilet. He would handle the task himself.
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